Phantom Connections

31 Mar 2023

I pushed them all away, With each word that I'd say. I thought I was protecting myself, But now I'm alone on the shelf.
I shut them all out, And now I'm filled with doubt. Was it worth it in the end, To push away each friend?
I thought I didn't need them, But now I can't pretend. I'm lost and all alone, With no one to call my own.
I reached out with an apology, But they're all avoiding me. I realize now what I've done, And wish that I could undo.
But it's never too late to try, To reach out and ask why. I'll work on myself and change, And maybe they'll forgive the pain.
I'll open up my heart, And let them play their part. For life is meant to be shared, And loneliness can't be compared.
I'll take a chance and try, To form connections with those nearby. For in the end, it's worth the risk, To find love and friendship, pure bliss.

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