School Habits

28 Mar 2023

This is a blog about habits and hacks to help students get through school. The blog was started by Kathryn Azevedo, a teacher and private coach.

She has previously taught in private and public school systems and now, she teaches students how to learn via her blog.

The School Habits blog covers time management, study skills, test anxiety, self-advocacy, improving grades, homework management, procrastination, focus, note-taking, and more top
Kathryn Azevedo also offers some particular services to her blog readers. This includes Standardized test preparation, Executive function coaching, Study skills coaching, Application essay help, School essay help, and Writing instruction.

This blog features a shop with several helpful materials that students can purchase. This includes homework planners, daily schedule and task list, weekly work planner, weekly homework planner, etc. These materials are sold for as little as $
If you wish to book a special appointment, you can reach the blog owner via phone or email. Furthermore, you can follow School Habits on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.5.ics.

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Wow this blog is really informative. I'll check it on social media platforms because I don't want to miss out on something this good. I think a lot of students should read this as it will help them do better and live better in school. Thanks for sharing.