A Vertical Odyssey: Only Up! Showcases Goblintown NFTs in a Rising Adventure

27 Jun 2023

Welcome to the maddening world of Only Up!, where frustration and addictive gameplay collide in a quest to conquer the heights. This indie video game has captivated both players and viewers alike, as content creators test their patience and precision while ascending towards victory.

But what many have overlooked amidst the exhilarating chaos is the presence of Goblintown NFT artwork, scattered throughout the game like hidden treasures.

Get ready to experience the ascent of Only Up!, where every fall is a setback, every triumph is hard-earned, and every pixel holds a tantalizing secret waiting to be discovered.

A screenshot, from the PC game “Only Up!”, used in Canva to make my own work.

Only Up! is a video game that has one simple goal, that is to go up.

If you are familiar with the video game Getting Over It with Bennet Foddy you will understand Only Up! very quickly.

You take your character from the bottom of the map to the top, however if you fall just once you will most likely end up all the way back at the beginning.

These are games that are exceedingly frustrating as the controls are not quite precise, but precision is ultimately required while playing the game.

It almost feels like these games were designed specifically to make players waste their time and feel incredibly frustrated.

With all these negative things I have spouted off about the game, I must give it some credit, as it is an increasingly entertaining game to watch someone play.

This is why streamers are playing the game, and hundreds of thousands of people are tuning in to watch them play it.

Just recently, the PC game has exploded in popularity and is now being played by the most popular content creators in the world.

Even though the game is wildly popular at the moment, not many viewers seem to notice that the game is full of Goblintown NFT artwork.

The Goblintown NFT artwork is scattered heavily throughout the game on walls, items, structures, and even the main character has the word “goblintown” written on the front, and a Goblintown character on the back, of their sweatshirt.

Here is the direct link to Only Up! on the Steam store: https://store.steampowered.com/app/2381590/Only_Up/

According to @StreamHatchet, a data company for video game and streaming, Only Up! was the 5th most watched game during the week of June 19th thru the 25th.

The indie game was streamed on all major platformed by some of the most popular content creators in the world.

Even some of the biggest content creators on YouTube have made videos on Only Up!, like this video, by popular streamer/youtuber penguinz0, that has amassed over 2.1 million views in only 8 days.

Users have even created their own songs to honor and show support for the game they are currently playing and enjoying.

However, be warned as I never said the song would be any good….

It remains to be seen whether there was a deal struck, between the Goblintown NFT project and the Only Up! game developers, for the rights to use their artwork.

As it stands right now, Goblintown’s Twitter account is very accepting of the newly popular game and all the attention they are receiving as a result.

With this type of publicity and screentime, Only Up! can only serve to help NFTs and the Goblintown project to grow.


What are your thoughts on this news?

Have you played Only Up! yet?

If so, have you completed the entire game?

Do you think this is a trend we will continue to see from Indie game developers, including NFTs in their games?

Is this smart for NFT projects?


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