14 May 2023

Meena took the purse from the cupboard to go to the booth on the bridge and call Mandar. She slipped on her shoes and just as she was about to go out, the rain began to fall. An umbrella would have been of no use due to the misty rain and the accompanying gusty wind.

On the contrary, Meena was sure that the wind would bend the umbrella and she would get wet, so she decided to wait until the rain subsided. Throwing her purse on the cot and taking off her shoes, she sat down on the chair. She was deeply annoyed that recently there were calls from house to house, but she couldn't even imagine picking them up. The neighbor also had a phone. But Meena doesn't want to go and call them every time and they don't want to take money. Moreover, he used to answer calls from outside without fail. She felt all this as thanks. Therefore, she used to make many phone calls from the public phone booth by going to the naka to trouble them. bring There was no urgent call. But without it, she would not have been at peace. Because Mandar had not taken the box of polibhaji while going to the office. And Meena had an idea that her husband, Mandar, could not afford to go out at lunch time and spend twenty-five-thirty rupees to eat something. The main thing is that he had gone today in a fit of anger while going to the office. In such a case, he takes out his anger on food and remains hungry for the whole day. She knew this was his usual habit. Moreover, as overtime is going on in the office, it will be ten-thirty at night for him to come home! So she was going to call and insist him to eat something. Moreover, she was sure that if she called him, his anger would also subside. Lately it had become routine, like something routine. Both of them were not aware that the argument started due to any reason.

The dispute turned into a quarrel and the matter went to a stalemate. How many times did Meena decide not to fight while leaving Mandar in the morning. But it was the opposite! Because in the daily rush, only one or two in the morning Wires used to get them talking. Whatever time you get while doing your work! Because once Mandar went to office, he used to come home by half past nine to ten. So eat with ginger! If the children are awake, they do not have a little chat, then it is time to sleep. When I woke up in the morning, I was in a hurry to go back to the office. What will you say and say in that mess? In addition, the space is small! Five people living in one room kitchen means all the problems! Meena does not even want to talk to Mandar freely in front of her children and mother-in-law. Again, Mandar didn't like to talk about money in front of his own mother. So these things started talking in their absence. Now she had gone on a pilgrimage. So Meena could say whatever came to her mind. That's what happened this morning. Since it was Saturday, the children also went to school in the morning. And the controversy started from the children's school itself. Meena wanted to send both the children to a well-known school. For that, the school was asking for a donation of twenty-twenty five thousand rupees. And the question before Meena was how to fill it. According to Mandar, why should we consider these schools when we cannot afford them? Why is Badejava not Ugi? Look at your bed and spread your legs. This is what he was telling Meena again and again. But Meena didn't like it at all. She believed that children should be sent to a good school, despite what they might think. So she said to Mandar, "I feel sorry for the fact that you could not think of the children even with such a sum of money coming into your hands at the same time." "So my arias haven't crossed your mind yet. Our rears have left you astray like a man found and lost in a sudden whirlwind!" "Because I can see my son's future before my eyes! If your arrears were used to pay the school donation, the children would have had a better school!" "Then take a loan from your company?" "I have tried that too. But the company that pays thousands and twelve hundred is not ready to give a loan to a temporary worker like me.

Do you know how my job is? Even after so many years, it is still permanent I haven't done it. That's the only thing to do because you can't get it anywhere else!" "That's why I'm saying if you can't afford to donate, shut up! If they are smart, they will shine anywhere!" "So what was the need to pay twenty thousand to send mothers on a pilgrimage when they could not afford it? I think it is more important to send children to a good school! Don't you want your children to be like you were born? Do you want your children to be born in a one-room kitchen? If we want to add an item in the house, how much we are struggling! Shouldn't we strive so that children should not be like that, they should learn well and come forward, earn good money and improve their living conditions?" "Do not! But for that there is no need to keep an eye on my mother's journey. She had to fulfill her vow. At some point the poor woman had vowed to do the Charidham Yatra. If I don't want to fulfill her wish, someone else will, let's see?" "Oh, but you always say that you want to spread your legs by looking in bed! So is that rule not applicable to everyone in the house? So much for traveling when money is so much needed at home You fulfilled their wish when middle class people like us can't afford to spend money! But what would have happened if they had gone on the pilgrimage after another year or two?" "So you're sure you're going to run out of needs in two years? But the needs of the middle class never end." "I know! On the contrary, they are constantly increasing.

The rising inflation! Will we ever get out of this? But it is in our hands to give importance to which things in terms of cost?" "You are amazing! Again, your only palupad! Do you see that mother is getting tired day by day? She will be able to walk as long as her limbs are still moving. Otherwise we cannot go right. So you want to be good with her, don't you? Now that she has gone with her aunt, I am not worried either. Considering all these things, I decided to send her on a pilgrimage. But you can't think that," "I only think about the future of our children. So no other thoughts come to my mind! If the school fees are not paid by the next month, the admission will not be granted So the principal has made it clear." Word by word continued to grow. In that rage, Meena filled Mandar's tiffin. And hit in front of him and she went to bath. The mandar put on his shoes and pulled the door handle and went out. When Meena came out of the bathroom, she noticed that the tiffin was lying on the table. Seeing him, however, she got wet. She thought, why are we arguing? What is the use of it now? No matter how many times we tried to tell the mother-in-law. But the surprising thing is that those who struggled so much for their own child's education.

Shouldn't they value a grandchild's education? Why do they show such detachment? Maybe if Mandar had told them, they would have understood. Or do they think that the situation will automatically change after paying the vow? And Mandar also took their side. He also did not oppose as his mother's vow was important to him. So they went on the pilgrimage very comfortably. Now, what is the use of getting angry at Mandar? The sound of the bell broke Meena's slumber. The neighbor came to ask for a magazine. Taking advantage of that, Meena then called Mandar from their own house. And to her pleasant surprise, it was Mandar who picked up the phone. She quickly said, "My luck! You picked up the phone. Otherwise everyone else in your office picks up the phone except the one who has it. I think you were sure that my call would come today!" "Yes no! I was sure you wouldn't be patient until I got home to hear the accusations left in the morning!" "You are amazing! What did I call for? And you accuse me of the opposite! Since you didn't take the box, I purposely called that either you take a half-day and come home early or else go out for lunch!" "I cannot take half-day. Due to overtime, I have no idea how long it will take to get to the night. So don't wait and eat!" Saying just that, he hung up the phone boldly. Overall, it was clear from his words that his anger was still not gone. Meena felt it very much. She didn't know what was wrong with her. If you for yourself Didn't ask for anything, on the contrary, all the struggle is for the children. Mother-in-law's one is fine. Because they are old-fashioned, their thoughts will be monotonous! But this was not expected in the case of Mandar. Just thinking, Meena came home and started doing a lot of work. The children's school was to be dismissed at twelve o'clock today. She had a lot of work to do at home before going to fetch them. When the maid started raising money as she wanted, she started doing all the work herself. For the last 8-10 years since marriage, I had to struggle for my life. However, the situation is far from improving. But even in fulfilling the most important needs, it was getting in the way. Mandar's father died when he was young. Due to the poverty of the family, his mother sent him to his uncle for education. On the basis of his uncle, he graduated in science and got a job.

The condition of Meena's wife is also desperate. She decided to go to Shivratri on Ekadashi. She was taught to live by heart from childhood. Current in Mandar's salary Meena was fully aware of how difficult it is to support a family of five during inflation. So she herself was trying to contribute a little by doing a job. But unfortunately she too could not get a good job. The education of both the children had also started in that. If you want to go to a good school, you have to donate. At the same time, Mandar's mother was obsessed that I want to travel to Charidham.' Meena felt his stubbornness like that of a little girl. How many times she used to make him aware of the situation. She thought that her mother-in-law would give up her stubbornness. On the contrary, she used to say, "Oh God, what we do is never free. Rather, God gives us double. Look now, if Mandar spends so much to pay my vows, he gets double the money. "How much more will God give if we do not use what He is giving? Shouldn't you recognize your own limitations? God says a little to make a difficult vow for me! Jas Bhav like God! You can even see him at home! For that, there is no need to go on a pilgrimage by spending half of the money!' Meena wanted to give this quick answer! But still she would swallow her anger and keep silent. Because Mandar doesn't want to hurt his mother because of God religion. Mandar's motherly devotion seemed to her a bit too much to live. He used to pay special attention to everything of his mother. She was suffering from diabetes, so if something happened, he would do all the things himself, like taking her to the doctor immediately, bringing medicine on time. Seeing that, Meena once said to him, "Don't you believe me? Why do you think that mother should do everything herself by fighting for her life even when there is no time? And you struggle so much for your mother, does your mother have to do you half of it? Your uncle taught you! What kind of trouble does mother have to go through?" Don't say something stupid. Is it any wonder that a mother of two tells me that the mother who gave birth to me did not suffer?

the main thing is that you leave your children for a day or two You can't stay either. And can't you, being a woman, wonder what must have been the state of mind of my mother when I was an only child and kept me away for the sole purpose of education?" "Mandar, you are making the mountain of Agadi Rai. Understand well no! Don't do the same to me as you do to your mother, you'll know what I mean." "Look, one thing you must remember is that even though my mother has done nothing for me, the fact that she is my birth mother is very important to me. Got it?" She used to be completely silent before Mandar's assertive speech.

Moreover, he had certain opinions. So no matter how hard Meena tried to convince him, he would do whatever he wanted. Therefore, as soon as the arrears were received, he sent his mother on a pilgrimage. Not only that, he himself made complete preparations for her departure. As per the list given by the travel company, he himself brought all the items. Woolen shawls, sweaters, blankets were in the house. They should take the same Meena thought that it would save that much money. But Mandar also brought new ones." Seeing that, Meena said, "Mandar, you are preparing in such a way that they will never go on that pilgrimage again." "So? Tell me clearly what you mean." "So this is the only trip or what? They must have a plan to go back somewhere! Because you are ready to spend. So what is the lack of travel? And that is the only thing she does with all her heart is to collect merit continuously." "Enough! Finish your tantrum. Everything has limitations. And remember that you should not cross them." Then Meena didn't say anything. But after seeing all the preparations for her mother-in-law's pilgrimage, she felt that she could only remove the grass from her children's plate. But she remained silent until she went. But when they left, she lost her patience. Every day, for some reason, she used to get angry on her mother-in-law's pilgrimage! Meena was also worried that her behavior was not right. But that's it for thinking that children can't be sent to good schools She was upset that she was not conscious when she spoke. Then the mood of both of them went down with that argument. He used to get angry at the children. Today, it was spun since morning. Finally, she was shouting at them while studying both of them at night. At that time, her attention went to the news on television. She was shocked to hear the news that a hundred people had died in a stampede by pilgrims on a small bridge on the road to the temple in Haridwar. Because her mother-in-law's group was also going to get down to Haridwar at the same time and take a bath in the Ganges and see God and then move on. And there was a stampede on a bridge there. There was no such good news.

The main thing is that the names of the dead are not understood in the news. The detailed news would have been known only after going to the travel company. So it was necessary to wait until Mandar came. But Meena was thinking how to tell him this. Because of course he was going to be terribly upset after hearing this unexpected news. And so it happened! When he came from the office, the children did not even let him wash his hands and feet. immediately He told the news heard on Doordarshan. On hearing this, Mandar took the address of the travel company and went out. But Meena did not have the sense to tell him to eat something. He must have been starving for the whole day without carrying the box. Tired of doing it again overtime. And this shocking news is the only one who does not come home. How much tension on the head until the full information is known! Meena too could do nothing but think. Because she could not leave the children alone in the house. Mandar did not come till morning. But Meena didn't want to stay. The children were fast asleep. Finally she rang the neighbor's bell and asked her to keep an eye on the children and reached the office of the travel company. There were so many people that there was no room to enter. Somehow she entered. From there, she saw Mandar standing awkwardly in the corner. It was not possible for his attention to go to her in such a crowd. Meena also stood there listening to people's doubts. Everyone was telling some partial information. No one could say anything properly. Then the company from the inner room The manager came out. Seeing them, everyone started shouting. Thus he calmed the people first. Then started talking. "You all had to stay here in tension all night. But we were also very helpless. We didn't know anything either. So we had to wait for the phone call from there. Just got a call from the managers of our company there and I am sad to say that one of our pilgrims Akarajan died in a stampede in Haridwar yesterday.

We also know their names. I will read it. We will make immediate arrangements for their relatives to go. This is a very unfortunate incident which has never happened so far. The central government has announced to give Rs 1 lakh and Maharashtra government Rs 50,000 as aid. This money will be given to their relatives. I will now read out the names of the deceased. One Dwarkabai Ganesh Joshi... two..." As soon as Meena heard the first names of our mother-in-law, Meena's hands and feet began to hang. in front of the eyes She started to fear for her life in that crowd. Somehow she came out and stood. It occurred to her, why did the mother-in-law go on the pilgrimage so stubbornly? Why does death really drag people like this? Mother-in-law sacrificed her life at God's door as a vow and ended her life's journey. I was hungry for money and filled my wallet in an instant. What to say to such a terrible fortune? How bad we spoke about them! But hey, we didn't want that kind of money at all. Didn't really want to. What will Mandar think now? We cannot imagine their state of mind. How to understand him ? And no matter how much you explain, will they understand? "Slow, slow! Forgive me." So she just sat there and started crying.

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