Loki (part 3): How Loki and Thanos meet and Where???

15 Jun 2022

After loki became king of Asgard , Thor friend and lady sif travelled to Earth from Asgard to take Thor back. But Loki sent the powerful destroyer to kill Thor . Remember here Thor is not worthy of Mlojnir ,hismain weapons and living as a normal humans.

But Thor sacrifice himself there to save other people on Earth and Odin in deep Odinsleep tear and Thor become Worthy so Loki's plan failed there and after becoming Worthy , Thor killed destroyer and went back to Asagrd.

But before Thor arrived there in Asagrd ,Loki planned something else .He then goes to Jottenham and tell them to kill Odin as he is in sleep and in return he will give them their magical boxes named bu "Casket of Ancient Winters "  . Then Jottenham King Laufey who is actually father of Loki came to Asagrd and tries to Kill Odin. But when Laufey was trying to Kill Odin ,then Loki destroy Laufey by himself. He played a game on his father.
Thor who arrived on Asgard saw Loki saving Odin. Then Loki act like becoming so angry and open the bifrost towards Jottenham planet to let it destroy. But now Thor doesn't want war so he tried to stop Loki and bifrost . But Loki disagreed it and fighting between them started. Thor with hammer and Loki with magical spectator amd full of magic and fake illustration somehow was giving a good fight against Thor. But somehow Thor with Mlojnir and it's lightening strength destroy the bifrost  bridge and both are falling down the bridge but then Odin came to save them.

Odin was taking hands of Thor and Thor was taking the hands of Loki . Then Loki felt himself unworthy of help and feel really ashamed there and fall from there and through one of wormhole  he entered the planet of Thanos named "Sanctuary" and keep their with Thanos. This is how Thanos and Loki meet.

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