What is Money Management?

21 Aug 2022

As we all know that money is very important for every human being. And it is almost impossible to fulfill any need of human being without money, where on one hand money is the means of securing our future, while it is also the main means of fulfilling our present needs.

A middle class person earns money his whole life, yet 90% of his problem gets stuck on money. And he feels that maybe he is not able to earn enough money so that all his needs can be met, but the problem here is not that he is not earning enough money but the real reason for this is money management.

Actually money management is a combination of our expenses and savings, the one who understands it fulfills most of his needs and the one who does not understand, keeps on holding his entire life responsible for his income or luck.

What is Money Management?

Money management means to manage your money for future planning. This is a type of financial planning, under which you invest your earned or already existing money in the right place so that it can give you maximum returns if needed in future, as well as help in the growth of wealth. 

We must have heard the saying from childhood that money only attracts money. But this proverb is possible only when the money is invested in the right place. Otherwise, along with the time, money also gets spent. Therefore, with the passage of time, money management has also become a very important subject. And people also understand its need very well.

What is the method of money management?

Actually we all have different sources of income, due to which our income is also natural to be different, as well as our expenses, our lifestyle, number of members present in the family, and our choice and priority in needs, everything would be different. Due to which the steps taken to manage our money are also different.

Therefore, there is no fixed method of money management, yet there are some important things which are very useful for money management.

saving money making money:

The most important thing in the path of money management is learning to save money. Learn to control your expenses. Learn how you can save on the things of day to day life. In earlier times people used to buy happiness by collecting money in piggy banks, always keep that thing in your mind.

Your short term, medium term and long term financial goals are the goals that you set for yourself to secure your future. Steps taken to set financial goals and meet them helps you a lot in money management.

You are able to focus on those needs which are really useful for you and it also helps in identifying non-essential or useful needs. By working which you can increase your savings further. Hence setting financial goals as soon as you start your working life

is a must. Your financial goals will give you financial support even in tough times like recession. To fulfill your financial goals, first you should make small goals so that you can easily accomplish them. Doing this will make it easier for you to accomplish bigger goals.

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