Popular Sportsman from Asia.

21 Jun 2022

Sports is good for health and if it comes to be at best levels ,well it's good for health and wealth too. Alongside successful sportsman get fame for the talent and what did they do represent their nation , national team and their clubs.

When it comes to sports ,there are many famous cricketer compared to footballer in Asia. There are many famous cricketer like Virat Kohli ,MS Dhoni,Sachin Tendulkar , Shahid Afridi ,Kumar Sangakara and many others from Asia . Apratt from it ,There are many famous players in tennis ,takewondo and martial arts from China , Philippines and Korea. The famous footballer from Asia are Son Heung-min due to his absolute performance in Liverpool .Apart from him, Sunil chhetri , Captain of national football team is wel renowned in football due to goals from National team as he is so close to Lionel Messi goals for Argentina. Alongside there are few sportsman famous for golf and soccer.

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Virat kohli is absolute gem in Cricket from India. In past , Sachin Tendulkar had been a gem for India.
Nice to see you in the world
I'm really impressed by such an amazing article
Virat kohli is a great cricketer
As a spurs fan Son Heung-min is an exceptional player and his performance along with Harry Kane saw a good finish earning a place in the champions League
You forgot about Major Dhyan Chand.. All Time Great Of World Hockey..