Mohamed Salah donates $156,634 for the rebuilding church building destroyed by fire

20 Aug 2022

Mohamed Salah of the Liverpool football club in England has made a significant contribution to the reconstruction of a church in Giza, Egypt, where a fire last Sunday claimed the lives of 41 people, by giving $156,634, which is equal to three million Egyptian pounds. This donation sends a powerful message about the need for religious tolerance in societies.
The act is being done at a time when religious fanaticism is a major concern for Nigeria as a whole.
According to reports, a fire broke out over the weekend at a church in Egypt with a 1,000-person capacity and killed at least 41 worshippers.
When the fire event occurred owing to an electrical malfunction at an air conditioner, CNN stated via their official website that at least 18 children died.
Ontime Sports said that Salah had given the church three million Egyptian pounds, which is estimated to be $156,634.

Born in Nagrig in Northern Egypt, Salah has a history of assisting the less fortunate in Egypt, Africa, and England.

According to The Sunday Times, Salah is one of the most charitable football players and just donated £2.5 million, or 6% of his $41 million in wealth.

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