The U.S. Open of Surfing

2 Aug 2022

Tomorrow morning, AEST, The U.S Open if Surfing  starts. This is a prestigious event on the Challenger Series, which is the 2nd Tier competition to the Championship Tour.
Surfers in the Challenger Series have the ability to increase their ranking and possibly gain entry via a Wild Card or Injury replacement in to the Championship Tour.
Typically the waves for the U.S Open, which is held at Huntington Beach (California) aren’t the best, but occasionally they get some swell and the surfers have a crack at surfing through the pier - sometimes coming unstuck and hitting the poles or destroying their boards.
The rivalry at the U.S. Open was always between the Aussies and the Americans, but in recent years, the Brazilians have done well in the poor small surf conditions - which is more like their home breaks back in Brazil.
looking forward to seeing some of the up and coming Aussies dominate.

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Great news for the US. Team is also working very hard
Very interesting I wasn’t aware of the multi tier competition but it’s great if you perform well you can get into the championship tour as a wildcard. Did Medina have to go through this method to get back on the tour after he quit due to health reasons.
Very good article. But after all that did medina had to go through this method to get back, Because he quit due to some heatl issues?
That's amazing that something like this exists tbh
As we all are aware that the United stations are great country.
south coast surfer
Anyone seen this post?