What is Millix (MLX)?

9 Nov 2023

As time goes on and blockchain technology grows we are seeing more people looking for projects that stand out in the ever-growing Crypto world. There are a large amount of promising projects out there such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Zcash (ZEC), Monero (XMR), Torum (XTM), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Solana (SOL), and many more. All of these projects seem to have their place and purpose but recently I have found something pretty interesting. A project that has caught my attention and has me hooked. 

In this article, I am going to go over a project called Millix (MLX). Millix is not like your usual Cryptocurrency that uses a blockchain. Millix uses something called a Directed Acyclic Graph, commonly known as a DAG or Tangle. Here is a short description below to give you an idea of what a DAG is. We will get a closer and more technical look later in this article. 

Imagine you have a bunch of tasks to do, but some tasks depend on others. A directed acyclic graph (DAG) is like a to-do list that shows the order you need to tackle these tasks.

The "directed" part means there's a clear direction from one task to another (like Task A needs to be done before Task B). The "acyclic" part means there are no loops or cycles, so you won't find yourself stuck in an infinite loop of tasks. Think of it as a roadmap for your tasks, making sure you follow the correct order without getting stuck in a never-ending loop. Now instead of tasks, replace that with transactions.

This is just a short explanation. Later in this article, we will go over what exactly a DAG is and why it is important. In the next section, we will be going over what Millix is and why it has caught my attention.

Check out my video above for a walk-through of Millix, DAGs, how to earn Millix, and how it all works. I am not the best at making videos but I am trying my best and hoping as time goes on, I can get better equipment and more time to help my videos shine. 

What is Millix (MLX)

Millix is a pretty interesting project. It was first thought of in the spring of 2018, the genesis event occurred January 20, 2020. The genius mind of Price Givens created MLX. Price is the creator of Millix but the core team has a total of eight members.

The core team members have been involved in the Millix project for a minimum of two years and have spent a minimum of one year as a team member. new core team members must be sponsored by at least two existing core team members. There is also a smaller team of four. João Rafael Almeida PhD, Adrian Carralero CCNA, Justin Weislo, and Gordon Bobic have tactical roles with responsibility over vital areas of the Millix project. 

Millix is a Cryptocurrency project that does not run on a Blockchain. If you are like me then you are probably wondering how that works. How can it be a Crypto project but not use a blockchain? Well, the answer to that question is that it runs on something called a Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG or Tangle). So what exactly is a DAG or Tangle? 

A Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) is a conceptual representation of a series of activities. The order of the activities is depicted by a graph, which is visually presented as a set of circles, each one representing an activity, some of which are connected by lines, which represent the flow from one activity to another. - Source

Millix was created for speed, low cost, and energy efficiency. Blockchains can be slow and cost a great deal of money to interact with (depending on what blockchain you are using). Millix was created to be used with web3. Check out the video above to get a better explanation. The video above is the creator of Millix explaining what Millix is and why it is better than your average blockchain project. 

So how fast is Millix? Millix is not like your average Cryptocurrency. Other blockchain projects have a limit on the speed of transactions. The speed of Millix transactions depends on the amount of Nodes running. The more nodes running the more transactions can be handled. 

When you are ready to exchange your Millix (I suggest waiting because staking is coming soon) it can be exchanged into Wrapped Millix (WMLX) and Bitcoin. WMLX is an ERC-20 token. This means that it uses the Ethereum blockchain. One WMLX is worth 1,000,000 MLX. To be able to exchange your Millix into Wrapped Millix you are going to have to use the Tangled Browser. You can do this by clicking your browser balance on the top left then going to exchange, and then “send to exchange”. The user pays the bridge fee of 10,000,000 MLX and a Millix network fee of 1,000 MLX, the bridge pays the ETH fee.

Now I am in no way a pro at any of this but I do believe everyone should take the time to learn about technology such as this. A DAG/Tangle can handle way more with less fees, less environmental impact, and more speed. Millix is extremely undervalued and I see this project becoming a well-known name in the not-so-distant future. Who am I though? Just some guy who writes articles. What do you think? Do you think Millix has a chance of creating a name for itself in this ever-evolving Crypto world? 

In the next section, we are going to go over what exactly a DAG is and why it is important. If you have enjoyed my article so far please remember to hit those subscribe and like buttons. This will help my page grow!

What is a Directed Acyclic Graph

I am going to do my best to explain DAGs so everyone who reads this can understand. I am still learning about Directed Acyclic Graphs so bear with me. 

In a DAG, each task is represented by a point (or node), and the arrows between the points show the order in which the tasks should be completed. Essentially, there are no loops in this graph, meaning you can't get stuck in an endless cycle of tasks. It's like a to-do list that guides you from one task to the next without any confusion.


So how does this compare to a blockchain? A blockchain is like a digital ledger that keeps a record of transactions in a secure and unchangeable way. Unlike a DAG, a blockchain is more linear—it's a chain of blocks, and each block contains a list of transactions.


Both DAGs and blockchains are structures for organizing information, but they have different focuses. While a DAG is great for representing dependencies and tasks in a project, a blockchain excels at securely recording and verifying transactions. Think of a DAG as your project plan and a blockchain as a tamper-proof record book for transactions. Both are tools designed for specific purposes, and each shines in its own domain.

I have done my best to explain this technology but if you would like a better explanation check out the videos I shared previously in this article.

What is Millix Used For?

Millix was created to be lightweight and allow users to transact quickly with little to no friction. The creators believed the modern ecosystem could not be used by a growing number of people worldwide. Millix allows microtransactions which allows everyone in the world to interact with each other and use Cryptocurrency in their everyday lives.

Millix was also created to be earned and not mined. This allows everyone in the world to have the chance to earn Millix. You can earn Millix multiple different ways such as social media (Tangled), Tangled Browser (Node), playing games (Cobra Helix), Tangled Trivia, and blogging (OnTheNode). I have gone over all of these in some of my recent articles/videos.

Tangled Browser - A Node For Everyone
Tangled — Decentralized Browser🌐, Decentralized Social📱, Decentralized World🌍

Tangled Social allows you to earn Millix by creating content and interacting with other people's content. In the next section, I am going to go over Tangled. I am going to discuss what it is, how it works, and how you earn. I am a big fan of this project as you can tell. If you would like a deeper understanding of how tangled works then I suggest checking out my previous articles I shared above.

What is tangled.com?

Tangled is a pretty mind-blowing project. Tangled allows you to earn Millix by posting, reacting to other posts, and your time. Not only do you earn from interacting but you get paid for your time while using this social platform. Every fifteen minutes you will earn 10,000 Millix just for using the platform. Now if you use the Tangled Browser you will earn even more. 

The Tangled browser is a one-of-a-kind browser. It is a browser/node created using Chromium that allows you to earn Millix just from running the browser. Not only that but you are helping the project run. The Tangled browser is a Millix node. How genius is that? I have never seen a project that allows you to be a part of the network with so much ease. Normally when you try to run a node for a cryptocurrency project you either need hardware, a good amount of Crypto for the project, or know-how. This is the first project that allows you to run a Node that not only helps secure the network but also allows you to earn. 

This was just a short description of what Tangled is but if you would like to know more check out my video above. I tried to make a video that explained as much as I could cover. My videos will get better with time I promise.

In the next section, we are going to go over the possibilities of Millix. Where it could be in the next couple of years and my thoughts about the future it might have.

The Future of Millix

The way Millix was created allows it to be used and built on by anyone. Not only can it be used for transactions (big and small) but it can also be used for IOT (internet of things). This allows Millix to be a useful tool in this new digitized world. The Millix team has big plans for the future of Millix and I am excited to be a part (even if it is a small part) of this project.

Millix has only been around for a couple of years and has not had anywhere near enough attention. I think it is about time people learn about something new and worth talking about. It has been hiding in the shadows of more well-known projects but I think Millix is going to have its day in the not-so-distant future. As you can see Millix has big plans for 2023 and 2024. Millix can be used for multiple different things such as social network platforms, content management systems, e-commerce systems, data distribution systems, online financial services, communication services, affiliate marketing, manufacturing and logistics operations, gaming platforms, and accounting and legal practices. This project is undervalued and as time goes on and there is a want and need for projects like this, early users will be the ones who benefit the most. I am never telling anyone to invest or spend their hard-earned money. What I am saying is I suggest giving some of these projects a chance. It could be a lot more rewarding in the future than you might think.

Final Thoughts

Millix and Tangled were only created a couple of years ago. As the world starts to adopt Cryptocurrency more, we will see an interest in projects such as Millix. I truly believe technology like this (Blockchains and DAGs) is going to change everything. As time goes on we are seeing more big players join this new decentralized world. 

Stay safe out there and start taking control of your data and your future. Decentralization is here to stay and is carving a new path for our digital freedom. 

Our voices have value. All we need to do is take a chance and try something new. The future is in your hands (literally).

Millix (MLX)
BitcoinWallet - This is used when you want to exchange your Millix into Bitcoin

Thanks for reading!

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