Who is Kang The conquerer ??

5 Jul 2022

Kang the conquerer is one of the most dangerous and powerful supervillian appearing in Marvel Comics. Kang has several names like 'He who remains' , 'Immortus' and many others. This character has already appeared in the Marvel Cinematic universe in Loki series and this character will be introduced in upcoming Ant-man movies as major antagonist. Let's exlpore about him in more details.
Kang has abiliity to time travel and many others . His love interest was Ravonna ,she has also appeared in Loki series. Kang has many lifes , he has many alternate version in ancient time as well as future timelines. 
Kang has basically conquered the Multiverse and made Time Variance Authority (TVA) so that there will be no misuse of alternate timelines. He synchronised all possible timelines after defeating all the Kang appearing in the comics from different universes and made a single universe connection with straight and forward timelines. 
At the end of Loki Series , Syleive (basically female Loki) killed Kang and timeline started to branch and different reality and timelines started to happen .But with this , Kang of other timelines do exists and we will know more about him in upcoming Ant-man movies.

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Ka ng is one of the powerful and the dangerous villan in the history of marvel comics
Kangs return in ant man will be something special
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Sensational my G
thanks for the article, I didn't know him
Kang was the most powerful and dangerous super villain display in the marvel comics as I know. Is the end was really good? I didn't got the whole stories that's why