Life beyond

15 May 2023

As I reach the realm of God's loving grace, I feel the warmth on my face. Friends and loved ones who have passed on are waiting for me beyond the threshold.

They greet me with wide arms and notice the wonder in my eyes.

They appear beautiful and at their best; they are now at ease.

The grass is the greenest I've ever seen when I cross it.

I skip, jump, and bounce on air, almost as if nothing is there.

Blue skies with no clouds in the sky, never-ending day, and never the deepest darkness.

Every flower is fully bloomed, its colors varying in intensity.

There is no trash or degradation in the rivers and streams, which are beautifully clear.

I desire to try the peaceful, turquoise-colored sea; wouldn't you?

At the point where both of them meet the water, I can feel the smoothest sand beneath my feet.

From head to toe, the hottest waters gently pour over me.

A city with alabaster walls, where the halls are lit by translucent light.

theaters for concerts and music, as well as exquisite galleries open to the public.

It's free to enter, and there are amazing views for me to see.

Libraries packed to the ceiling with volumes of history, science, and other subjects.

The celestial sun does shine continuously, and the temperature is always ideal.

Here, orchards are overflowing with fruit, which has an amazing flavor on its own.

I may choose anything I prefer, and I'm told it will help my spirit to heal.

This ethereal plain is a sheer joy; it serves as my new home and a divinely granted privilege.

The Lord protects everything that is in his domain, so I have nothing to be afraid of here.

I have now been freed from the burdens of earth to an infinitely perfect bliss.

I have arrived in a higher realm where I will live forever in harmony.

So trust me when I tell you, my dear friends, that life never ends and you cannot die.

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