About my home town himanchal

28 Jan 2023

Hlo guys today am talk about my home town himanchal pradash so this will clear you their location dear
himanchal Pradesh is in north indian state .this is on the Himalayas dear this is nice na.their cheid minister is sukhvinder singh sukhu. And their animal is leopard this is offical. specialthings in himanchal guys this is nice to travel in himanchal.this is punctuated in stone as well as wood.Their beautiful house i love their beautiful and simple house. This is warm as well their house constructed like Kath kunistyle..their wall is made with stone and in which use lot of wood so that in winter house warm .still their gave traditional house as well am talk about Manali this is very beautiful place in Himachal usually so many people omgo their and this is very nice place to .Manali is a town near kollu.and a gift of the Himalayas too am always want to go their but am still not get chance to go their. About Manali tourism ...their is lot of people come to enjoy this is best place their top sight is hadimba Devi mandir and old Manali and nehru kund.,van vihar too this is best place in Manali things to do in manali. Paragliding, skating innmanali and river rafting and in which manikaran guru dwara toi. Their temperature always under 25 to 30c their best time to travel in Manali in match to June guys I hope you guys rock and one day vist their too

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