The girl in the bubble

9 Jul 2022

It's evening as I watch the sunset wave goodbye
Before fading into oblivion as darkness takes over the sky

Few moments later, the sound of chirping crickets keeps me company
I find peace out here in the open 'cos behind my entrance door lies agony

I'm at the dining table with family yet I feel miserable and alone
Although I'm welcomed in their house but I'm not in their home

Because many years ago before Dad left us he wanted a son
Mom was too young then to have a child so she wanted none

But as fate had it I still came anyway and my misery started
The same way Dad left, that's the same way my happiness departed

My life feels like a theatre because it's full of drama
But I know I still am a stranger to mum and grandma

I wanted to be a doctor but mom sent me to a law school
Maybe she's trying to mould me into someone she can accept and love too

I feel punished when all I ever wanted is a mother's love and acceptance
I want to be close to them in relationship and not just in distance

I want to rebuild the bond that over the years, has leveled down to a rubble
So that whenever I'm in their midst, I won't feel like a girl in a bubble

Jude Umoren, 'The girl in the bubble' (online, 2020) <>.

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