Simple steps to create your own token

27 Jun 2022

The creation of tokens can be really difficult to figure out, but not impossible to do.
Ever heard of Encentive?

Encentive is just a BaaS platform that provides some really outstanding services such as allowing its users to create their own tokens with few clicks.

Follow the steps below to get create your own token with Encentive:

  • Click on the yellowish highlighted icon (DAPP) in the picture below and wait for it to load
  • Next, check the highlighted icon and select the blockchain you wish to create your token on, for Me I picked BNBChain for a low gas fee. But you can always pick any of your choices. Then connect your wallet to the dapp and approve the transaction on metamask. 

  • Click on the Create Token card as highlighted in the picture below.

  • Once it opens, fill in the information of your new token with a logo and click on the create button.

  • After paying the necessary gas fee, your token will be created as shown in the picture below

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Wonderful explanation making it sound so easy.
easy to follow guide :) thanks
Wow, I never knew I could easy create a token with a few clicks. This is so so easy to do. Thanks for sharing this great information