Farming Berachain Testnet

22 Apr 2024

If you have some extra time on your hands and are looking for a solid testnet project to spend that, I think Berachain might just be the one for you. Once you get the hang of it, Berachain isn’t that time-consuming even though there are many things to do there.

Why Berachain?

Yeah, the name is funny and it might not look like a tier 1 project at first glance but when we look beyond the interface, the numbers are shining.

According to Dropstab, Berachain has now raised $211 million which is a big number and while it’s a tokenless chain, we could expect the value of their token to be quite significant at launch.

I know there are many, many users farming the potential airdrop and since it’s free, it’s perhaps very diluted at this point. However, the raised capital being so huge, I still think it’s worth the shot. Besides, it really doesn’t take that much time and there’s definitely no harm in trying things out with dapps.

Ready To Interact?

To get you started, I suggest you take a look at one of my previous blog posts with a tutorial video embedded. If you’re in a hurry, head straight to Berachains faucet page and claim your daily tokens. If you scroll down a bit, you can now see some of the protocols you can interact with. I recommend trying each one at least once and revisit once in a while.

💡 To add Berachain Artio testnet, visit this link scroll down and click ‘Add to MetaMask’

  • I love using Rabby as my EVM wallet but for some reason, Berachain doesn’t work very well with that so MetaMask it is.

Checklist: Things To Do On Berachain

🐻 BEX — Decentralized exchange on Berachain. Once you’ve received your testnet $BERA, swap half of it to $STGUSDC.
🐻 Honey — use your $STGUSDC here to mint $HONEY.
🐻 BEND — supply $HONEY here to receive BGT rewards. You can also supply $WBTC or $WETH and use those as collateral to borrow more honey. Get $WBTC & $WETH from BEX.
🐻 BERBS — open long or short positions here using $HONEY.
🐻 BTG Station — once you have BGT rewards you can delegate them here as well as use your voting rights on governance.

These are some easy basic activities and you find more ideas on Berachain.

Interact With Zoth Too!

If you’re already familiar with Berachain, you might not heard of this opportunity. Zoth promises to connect traditional finance and on-chain finance while riding the trending RWA wave.

They now have this campaign with Berachain in which you stake your $HONEY tokens and earn a fixed yield on your (testnet) tokens. Besides that, they also have the usual connect X, connect Discord-style social tasks that will earn you points. Now, I haven’t heard that Berachain has a points system so I’m guessing these could count toward a possible Zoth’s future airdrop.

If this is the case, doing these simple quests could be a good opportunity to farm two airdrops simultaneously as staking on Zoth should add to your Berachain activity.

Another interesting way to record some on-chain activity is to complete a Zoth quest of minting your .honey domain name. Go to ZNS Connect, add the domain name, and if it’s available, mint for a very low amount of $BERA. Now head back to Zoth and verify your .honey name to collect points.

To get some more points, add my ref code: 662677b2216f1d86b87d385a at the bottom of the page.


Since no criteria have been announced to be eligible for a possible airdrop, it remains a mystery how much on-chain interactions we actually have to do but like said before, if you have the time… 😉

On my follow list, Berachain ranks very high and is among EclipseBabylon, and Monad as one to watch closely.

Many airdrop farmers and degens often talk about the risk/reward (r/r) ratio. Since Berachain is free, I guess we could consider the time spent/possible reward -ratio in this case. My honest opinion is, yeah, it’s worth it. In this crypto jungle, you could easily spend an hour in much more meaningless stuff.

That’s all for today, remember to keep following for more airdrop alpha, tips and tricks, thank you for reading!

More Airdrops To Farm:

🔸 deBridge — easily bridge assets across Solana & EVMs for example while farming their airdrop!
🔸 MilkyWay — stake TIA farm MilkyWay airdrop
🔸 Aperture — use as an interface to do swaps on OP, Arbitrum, Base, BNB Chain & more to get points for the airdrop
🔸 DFlow — bridge a minimum of $5 Solana tokens. Invite codes: 4H4WZ6 , QW2WI7 , 466GC4
🔸 Grass — perhaps the easiest way to gain exposure for a potentially very big airdrop!
🔸 Archway — join the DropCamp airdrop waitlist
🔸 GRVT ZkSync Mystery Box — just log in and claim your first mystery box
🔸 — stake ETH for Points & EigenLayer points
🔸 Mode airdrop — bridge ETH to farm multiple airdrops (invite: XGNHet)


Thumbnail background image made with Canva, pictures are screenshots from Berachain dapps, Zoth & ZNS Connect
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