Turkey Will Implement Blockchain-Based "Digital Identity"

6 Jan 2023

Republic of Türkiye's E-Government portal is set to adopt a blockchain-based system for "digital identity" and "digital wallets"


The portal, known as E-Devlet, is used by Turkish citizens to access a range of online government services, including taxes and social security. By implementing a blockchain-based digital identity system, the government hopes to increase the security and efficiency of these services.

The new system will allow Turkish citizens to create a unique digital identity, which they can use to access government services online. This digital identity will be stored on the blockchain, providing a secure and transparent record of the user's identity. The government hopes that this system will help to reduce fraud and improve the efficiency of online government services.

The implementation of a blockchain-based digital identity system is part of a wider effort by the Turkish government to embrace new technologies. The government has also recently announced plans to develop a central bank digital currency, and has expressed interest in using blockchain technology to improve the efficiency of other government services.

Vice President Fuat Oktay said in his statement: "We are bringing a blockchain-based login system 'digital identity', which will be a new revolution in e-Devlet. With the login system that will work within the scope of the e-wallet application, our citizens will be able to enter the e-Devlet with digital identities created in the blockchain network. The transition from online e-Devlet to offline e-Devlet, that is, by evolving into a system where users can keep their digital information securely on their mobile phones, will develop and open the door to new conveniences."

Overall, the adoption of a blockchain-based digital identity system by Turkey's E-Government portal is a positive step forward in the use of this technology for government services. It is hoped that this system will help to increase the security and efficiency of online government services, improving the experience for Turkish citizens. Also, a few days ago he Republic of Türkiye announced that the first trials of Digital Lira were carried out successfully. With these current announcements, we can predict that Turkey will make a significant development in the field of Blockchain this year.

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