Withering within

28 Nov 2022

Even though I'm with my pals, I feel so lonely as I head home today.
I was very depressed when I thought of you since you love her and I adore you.

I'm so heartbroken that I want to cry, but I choose to sigh instead because I don't want them to see that I'm crying over how much I'm falling for you.

"It's just a small crush," I say, but it's leaving a great hole when I see you every day since your gaze always leads to her, and occasionally I worry that crying may cause my vision to become blurry.

I know it's pitiful, but when you talk to me I feel so pleased and happy. Despite this, I know you won't love me because your heart is completely with her.

You're simply a dream, and you'll never truly love me.
I'm aware that one day you'll only exist in my memories, something I think about when I'm alone.

But tomorrow has not yet arrived.
Even if it is still a long way off, I hope you will realize that my heart is hurting and that, despite my smile, I am actually dying.


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