Scientific Management theory

21 Sept 2022

Scientific management theory/School of thought: Has to do with an organizational setting operation in the government sector which operates in a formal way and has laid down rules which govern them.It is the orderly way of doing things Here a manager has to follow a step by step procedure in order to achieve goals in such an organization. Here the manager doesn’t do things anyhow.
The scientific management theory was first spelt out by Fredrick W Taylor in 1911 in one of his book’s principles of scientific management in America. It was at the instance of a rapid industrial expansion of that time to address the industrial challenges during the period meaning the industry was expanding. The was an instance of chaos and it should solved compared to today.The organization work was left more in the hands of the workers and foremen.Men often brought their own tools to suite their individual preferences and decisions about the speed of the machines were often left to the particular operator. There were few systematic programs to teach workers their jobs and often skills were acquired by watching more skilled colleagues. Decisions about the selection of personnel, rest periods and layoffs were often left for the individual firemen to take such decisions.

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