Woman King Review

11 Dec 2022

The Woman King is a thought-provoking and powerful play that explores themes of gender, power, and family dynamics.
Written by playwright and actress Madeline Myers, The Woman King tells the story of a family of women who rule over a fictional West African kingdom. The play follows the journey of the family's youngest daughter, who is chosen to succeed her mother as the next queen. However, she must navigate a complex and fraught political landscape, where she faces challenges from both male rivals and the women in her own family who are threatened by her ascent to power.
One of the most striking aspects of The Woman King is the way it subverts traditional gender roles and challenges traditional notions of power and leadership. The women in the play are strong, intelligent, and capable leaders who are more than capable of ruling over their kingdom. They also challenge the idea that power must be held by men and demonstrate that women are just as capable of ruling and making important decisions.
In addition to its themes of gender and power, The Woman King also explores the complex and often fraught relationships within a family of rulers. The play examines the ways in which family members can both support and undermine each other in their quests for power and success.
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Overall, The Woman King is a thought-provoking and engaging play that offers a unique perspective on gender, power, and family dynamics. It is a must-see for anyone interested in these themes and is sure to leave audiences contemplating its messages long after the curtain has closed.


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