New Update — Claim $ HYCO System on zkSync Network

9 Feb 2024

With the update at 14:00 on January 29, zkSync Network-based HYCO claims are now supported in the HYPERCOMIC PLAY app.
User convenience regarding fees and transfers for HYCO claims on existing ETH-based networks has been greatly improved

  • Claims for CUBIC <-> HYCO Token can be made on two chains.
  1. zkSync Network
  2. ETH Network

In the case of zkSync, the processing speed is faster than ETH, and the fees are lower.
The minimum claim condition for CUBIC is 10,000, and both chains are identical.
If you claim HYCO through zkSync, you will be notified as shown above.
HYCO tokens are sent directly to the applicant’s wallet through the zkSync Network. The transmission is completed at the beginning of the hour immediately following the claim time.
Example 1) Claim at 1:30 ▶️ Pickup at 2:00
Example 2) Claim at 3:10 ▶️ Pickup at 4:00

  • $HYCO Token Contract Address (zkSync Network)

Token Contract : 0x45656c02Aae856443717C34159870b90D1288203

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