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12 Jan 2023

Nowadays, many young people idle. In addition to playing mobile games, they usually browse some "adult websites". In their opinion, they only look at "adult websites" just to pass the time, but many young people does not know these negative things. However, many adult websites are now tied with advertisements and viruses. Once users browse these "adult websites", their privacy will be leaked, which is really an alarmist situation.

Some people may think that private browsing of "adult websites" will not cause any adverse effects, how can it lead to more serious consequences? In this regard, i believe that there are three main disadvantages: First, frequent browsing of "adult websites" will cause you to addict into it and you will be unable to extricate this addiction. You may just watch these websites in your spare time at first, but after a long time, you will become addicted to it, which will not only affect your physical and mental health, but also affect your study and work.

Second, when individuals browse "adult websites" privately, experts tells that this is the fastest step for your privacy to be leaked. Because, the IP address, email address, bank card password, and personal contact information on the personal mobile phone or computer on the network will be leaked. Many "adult websites" are now tied with advertisements and viruses. Once users enter these websites, it is very likely that your computer or mobile phone will be invaded by viruses or hackers, and your privacy will be leaked.

Third, many "adult websites" are often linked to online gambling game websites. If you want to browse these "adult websites", the advertisement pages of online gambling games will automatically pop up, which can attract a large number of young people who have no self-control ability. If you accidentally fall into the game of online gambling, you are likely to lose your money.

Although the Internet has brought us many convenience in recent years but it also leaked a large number of our personal privacy, giving some criminals an opportunity to get money. This is the reason many analysts warned the majority of young people to be careful.

Furthermore, don’t download useless Apps. There are also some people who download some unidentified mobile Apps, and give these permission without any reason "Allowing access to address book", "Allowing access to albums" and because of this you can see a lot of bad pop up advertisements. If you accidentally click Allow, a lot of your personal information will be leaked out. Therefore, everyone must be careful when surfing the Internet.

Finally, some elderly people are now starting to use mobile phones to shop online, or express things to relatives and friends. In this case, the privacy of the elderly is also easily leaked, such as mobile phone numbers, e-mail addresses, etc., which makes some criminals obtain all kinds of information of the elderly and start to defraud the elderly of their money through mobile phone fraud and online fraud. Many elderly people do not know that their information has been leaked, and as a result, they are losing out a lot of money.

To protect privacy, you must first determine what is your personal privacy information. If you feel that it does not matter if certain information is leaked, it is not privacy for you. Privacy on the Internet is largely determined by how you use the Internet.

Some useful tips

It is best to visit the official website or a large platform to download the software you need.

Try not to submit personal information on websites and platforms. Many times our own private information is actually leaked by ourselves.

Use a secure password and also don't save your passwords in browser settings.

If you have important information to send to others, you can choose some secure encrypted chat software, such as telegram and signal app.

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