Ripple's Carbon Bet: Where Will It Take XRP?

20 May 2022

An ongoing legal dispute between Ripple and the SEC has resulted in the demise of XRP (XRP) as a currency.

Ripple has committed $100 million to green its operations.

This year, many people have been talking about XRP (XRP). 

The top corporate blockchain solution for large-scale cross-border transactions has seen its worth shift substantially in the last few months.

Interest in XRP price forecasts has risen as a result.

The continuing dispute between Ripple and the SEC is one of the main causes of XRP's volatility. 

Despite the possibility that the litigation may be concluded this year, news about it drives XRP prices.

At this writing, XRP is trading at about 42 cents per coin.

There are price projections of roughly $1.17 and $1.78 for one year and five years, respectively, from WalletInvestor's forecasts.

According to Gov Capital, the price of XRP is expected to reach 98 cents in one year and $5.13 in five years.

One-year and five-year average objectives of 61 cents and 96 cents, respectively, have been established by DigitalCoinPrice.

Today, there's been a lot of buzz about an announcement that has nothing to do with the case. 

Investments by Ripple in "strengthen global carbon markets."  will total $100 million. 

As more blockchains strive to be more environmentally friendly, this development is timely.

Using carbon credits is one method of doing this. 

Various blockchains have looked at planting trees or investing in other beneficial, eco-friendly initiatives. 

Now, investors have even more incentive to watch the XRP cryptocurrency.

For the previous 24 hours, XRP has gained almost 1%. According to the experts, this is where things are heading.

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Johnson Chau
Having sustainability in blockchain is vital for future growth. Would highly recommend people to read the sustainability report on solana!
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