Horizen EON Community Party - ValEONtine's Day Carnival

9 Feb 2024

Horizen is the layer 0 public blockchain that enables the zero-knowledge network of blockchains. Horizen become EVM-compatible through the EON sidechain, and developers are now able to build fully customizable chains, including consensus, speed, privacy and crypto-economies. 

What makes EON special? It's sidechain not a layer-2 solution, meaning that all the tools will be benefit from the full power of the Horizen open-source public protocol. Before we get too technical, let me entertain you! 

I am hosting the ValEONtine's Day Carnival, the community-led party that will fill your heart with fuzzy feelings and your mind with good vibes. Join us on the 14th of February at 6 PM UTC in the Horizen Discord for fun, games and prizes! 

Some news before the fun, as ZenIP 42207 was implemented and shielded pool were completly removed from the Horizen mainchain. This was a response to the evolving regulatory environment around privacy tokens, re-confirming and showcasing the project’s strategic pivot away from privacy-focused features.

Read all 2023 acheivments and integrations if you want to dive more into the Horizen EON ecosystem! The article will cover integrations like Covalent, Wanchain or Tatum, and partnerships with Ankr, Auros, Pyth or LayerZero.

Are you looking for DeFi? Spooky Swap was thw first DEX Multichain deployment on EON! The integration is set to boost the DeFi landscape, enhancing liquidity and fostering innovation on the Horizen EON ecosystem. SpookySwap is renowned for the user-centric approach and innovative features, brings a wealth of experience and a vibrant community to EON.

Let's go back to party vibes, love hearts and blockchain innovation! Want to win some $ZEN? Colour Zenny, then share it on X with the #ValEONtine tag to show your love for Horizen. All art will go into a round of community votes during the party, and the best entries will receive prizes! 
The deadline for sumbiting your colored Zenny is 4 PM UTC on the 14th of February! Lacking artistic skills and inspiration? We have a lot of events that cover all aspects of life! What's your niche? We have something for everyone.
Polish your Horizen EON knowledge for the quiz, and make sure you get as many questions right. There's a box of $ZEN candies for the best players. What about a spontaneus event where you need to share the love? Can't tell you more because will not be spontaneous anymore! 
If you took part in the HalloEON Party in October, you will remember how hard was to count all those Zenny hiding on the pumpking patch. This time we hid lots of Zenny in space, between love-rockers and hart-shaped planets. You need to be on the server to take part! 
Crosswords? Do you like crosswords? We have that as well! See you at the Party! 6PM UTC on Valentine's Day on Horizen Discord!  
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