The Symphony of Affection.

20 Jun 2024

In the quiet whispers of the dawn, Where shadows dance upon the lawn, Lies a feeling deep, profound, and true, A melody played by hearts in two.

Affection blooms like morning light, Chasing away the darkest night, It wraps around with gentle care, An unseen bond, a love affair.

Not grand, not loud, but soft and kind, A sacred space where souls unwind, It’s in the look, the touch, the smile, A silent vow, a cherished mile.

The first brush of a lover's hand, A promise made, yet unplanned, In eyes that meet, the spark ignites, A fire lit on moonlit nights.

In the rustle of the autumn leaves, In the hope that every heart believes, In the gentle breeze that cools the day, Affection finds its tender way.

Through trials faced and battles fought, In every lesson life has taught, Affection stands, unwavering, still, A fortress firm, a steadfast will.

It’s in the care for those in need, A selfless act, a kindly deed, A mother’s touch, a father’s gaze, The warmth that sets the heart ablaze.

It speaks in whispers, not in screams, In shared desires, in mutual dreams, In every laugh, in every tear, Affection's presence is always near.

In friendships old and new alike, In journeys long, in every hike, In stories told and memories made, Affection’s touch will never fade.

It’s in the bond of siblings dear, A silent strength, a loving cheer, In every hug, in every fight, Affection finds its guiding light.

In the embrace that says “I’m home,” In letters written, in thoughtful poem, In every call, in every text, Affection grows from next to next.

It's found in pets with loyal eyes, In sunsets that paint the skies, In the silence shared without a word, A love that’s felt, but never heard.

In lovers' quarrels and make-up kisses, In all the hopes and all the wishes, In the faith that keeps the heart in tune, Affection rises like the moon.

Through days of joy and nights of sorrow, In dreams of today and hopes for tomorrow, In every heart that dares to care, Affection whispers, “I am there.”

It’s in the care of an elder's hand, In every grain of life’s vast sand, A steady pulse, a constant beat, Affection makes our lives complete.

From birth to death, in every breath, Through moments of love, through fear of death, Affection threads our hearts in one, A timeless bond, a race well run.

In gardens where the flowers bloom, In quiet corners of a room, In every glance, in every touch, Affection tells us, "You are much."

It’s in the giving, not the taking, In bonds that never feel like breaking, In every word, in every deed, Affection is the life we need.

In laughter shared and secrets kept, In promises made and tears wept, In every heart, in every soul, Affection makes us whole.

So cherish every moment given, In love's sweet grace, forever driven, In every day, in every hour, Affection’s bloom, a gentle flower.

It’s in the music of our lives, In partnerships where love survives, In every note, in every song, Affection’s hymn is pure and strong.

In kindness shown to strangers near, In facing every doubt and fear, In every bridge that love has crossed, Affection’s warmth is never lost.

Through every storm, through sun and rain, In moments of joy, in times of pain, In every smile, in every tear, Affection’s song is always clear.

It’s in the stories that we tell, In memories that in our hearts dwell, In every glance, in every sigh, Affection’s touch can never die.

From the dawn of time to the end of days, In every heart that affection sways, In every life, in every part, Affection binds us, heart to heart.

So let affection guide your way, In every night, in every day, For in its gentle, loving hold, Affection’s tale is ever told.

In the tapestry of life’s grand weave, In the dreams that we achieve, In every step, in every dance, Affection’s light gives us a chance.

It’s in the silence of the night, In the dawn’s first gentle light, In every prayer, in every plea, Affection’s spirit sets us free.

In every corner of the earth, From the moments of our birth, In every breath, in every beat, Affection makes our lives complete.

So hold it close and let it grow, In every heart, let it flow, For in affection’s sweet embrace, We find our true and rightful place.

In every story yet untold, In the warmth when nights are cold, In every love, both young and old, Affection’s heart is pure gold.

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