Nigeria I cry for you

16 Feb 2023

Now that the faces were changed

In color from white to blue

They said it was to curb corruption

Yet they are the corrupt ones of the nation

Hoarding the pieces of our nation

As our people keep suffering in the trenches

See as the nation is in shambles

With people crying with tears on the hot sun

Praying for an opportunity to swap the naira

Where people queue for days in the banks of the nation

While fainting and crying for the hunger that’s increasing

See the protest is rising around us

I see a nation blessed

Yet it is struck in the heart with a policy

We’re placing a limitation to our nation

That our finance can no longer be accessed

And funny that now our nation is in the process

Where we buy and sell our own money within our nation

I’m in severe pains that we are the problem to our problems

And yet fail to see the solution is that United we stand

Yet the lowest with the POS tries to capitalize on the wickedness of the highest in authority

I’m laughing at our nation where we buy a thousand naira for three hundred and fifty naira and even higher

See My fears that the deaths might toll

See My fears that people instead of speaking will act in violence

See My fears that now we give them an excuse to postpone the elections

See My fears that the military might take over

See My fears that we might go to war

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