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28 Aug 2022

The world is dynamic and full of diverse perspectives and approaches to virtually everything we engage ourselves with. Be it art, science, etc. We'll wonder which best suits us. As a blockchain crusader, I've been on the lookout to see which can serve this industry in the interest of content creators. After some time, I stumbled on, a Web3 social network with intriguing utilities. Below are some of them: 

1. Solcial is a Web3 social network that is completely decentralized. That is to say, everyone enjoys the same privileges, and there's no superman. On Solcial, the role of moderator or manager will only be available to platform users. This function will allow users to see content that is of greater value based on a general vote by Solcial members. They will keep the platform safe and neat by voting for or against certain content. Also, I believe with functionality, users will be able to report violations by others in order to ensure everyone enjoys their moments on Solcial.

2. Solcial, as a decentralized Web3 social network, promotes free speech. There is no admin or algorithm that will take down your post or restrict your account for speaking out. As we know, freedom of speech is not just allowing one to speak his or her mind but also ensuring they are not victimized, banned or restricted by the platform they use to convey their opinions. This has been an issue with centralized platforms as we often hear people coming to complain of how they got banned for speaking out. This has caused fear and made many people go mute. Solcial is up to take on this challenge and give them back their voices.
3. It's a platform designed in the interest of content creators. On Solcial, content creators will be able to monetize their content. They must not have thousands or millions of subscribers before they can monetize their content; they only have to register and put-up creative content that meets the needs of their subscribers. When you begin to ponder upon the rigorous and sometimes unethical means by which people go just to get enough subscribers, you will know the ease solcial as brought to current and potential content creators.
These are few out of the many use cases of Solcial, others will be discussed in subsequent articles. Should you want to know more about solcial, find their solcials below.

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