20 Aug 2022

    Every society has its own culture even groups outside the dominant culture we also have subcultures in the educational institutions people take it that you are doing whatever a student does  in a university that is whatever attitude students display in a university they do it because it’s a subculture of the students 
    In man,culture has propensity.culture is meant to improve man’s welfare and situation.Culture is static Improved culture that is innovative discovery for improved welfare for mankind.if culture is a learned behavior we can learn more to improve our lifestyle.culture is a evolution it is an individual is shared by other but cooperation is essential without cooperation there is no development without development there is no innovation.
       Society needs to develop because it is not static.Every country has to train it’s people to adapt and learn their cultures.Language is also a vehicle for transmitting culture.Individuals should think outside the box and be technologically enlightened.
       Culture is continually chino,Technology is changing.people now think some of this equipments are technological devices to help work easy for man.Technology adapts to man’s situation Technology has also been made for every situation eg Child bearing 

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