Hey love

22 May 2023

In shadows cast by twilight's hue, A tale unfolds of love once true. A whispered memory from afar, Of a long lost love, my guiding star. In yesteryears, our hearts entwined, Two souls aflame, an eternal bind. Through sunlit fields and moonlit shores, We danced as one, forevermore. But fate's cruel hand did intervene, And tore us apart, like a shattered dream. A tempest raged, our paths diverged, Leaving us with longing, love submerged. Oh, how I yearn for that tender touch, The warmth of your gaze, I miss so much. Your laughter, a melody in my ear, A symphony of joy, now lost, I fear. I search the corners of my soul, Hoping to find the love we stole. But time, relentless, has swept away, The echoes of love that used to sway. Yet, in the depths of my yearning heart, A flame still burns, refusing to depart. For in this longing, a bittersweet pain, A testament to love that still remains. So, I wander through the realms of the past, Chasing the echoes, fleeting and vast. Hoping one day, destiny will conspire, To reunite us in a love afire. Until then, my love, I'll hold you near, In cherished memories, forever dear. For though we're apart, never to be, You'll live forever, eternally with me.

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