How I made my first $1000 in crypto (2021)??

6 Jul 2022

In crypto, people have differece experinece of earnings so there is mine. Some people started doing trade from the very first time, some people do airdrops by testing upcoming projects ,some people play games to earn , some people trade in NFTs , some people just made their own projects and many other possibilites. 

In my cases, first I choose to do airdrops rather than using my own pocket money. I don't prefer to exchage and buy USDT with my fiat currency so , I started following different Telegram channels and YouTube channels. I tested many project during their testnet phase like bridge network and many others . From this tesetnet , I learnt how this protocols and DeFi works, along with this , I do testnet in different leverage and derivatives markets , lending and borrowing platforms and P2E games. I learnt about staking rewards and staked LUNA and atom to get few airdrops. In this way , I got to know about coinmarketcap diamonds campagin which was started about 10-12 months ago , I stated to collect diamonds daily and do airdrops of coinmarketcap also. Along with it, I joined Dappradar and joined airdrops there too. 

My first airdrops in coinmarketcap was 0.05 XSUTER , which worth around $15. Then , after collecting 1500 diamonds , I got chance to redeem 1  Momo Key (KEY) worth about $260 at that time and I redeemed it from 3 accounts. Then , I got other airdrops of 100 TENFI from coinmarketcap worth $16 dolloar as of that time. As I was continuning collecting diamonds,  I once redeem Dvision protocal lands worth $350 dollor. Apart from it, I got few coins and tokens of testnet , I haven't remembered a lot nows , but from Bridge Network (BRDG) , it worths arounds $40. From testnet , since it's free to use, rewards pool is fixed , I knew that testnet pools are actually to promomte the projects and checking it only. I thinks just after performing alots of testnet, I might have collected around $300 only. I also started getting knowledge from NFTs and started collecting FREE NFTs, but mostly free NFTs are in Polygon , FLOW and Solana , only few of them worth somethings. I thinks , this much worth $1000 at that time but now it worths around $200 only.

It you haven't started collecting diamonds in coinmarketcap and candy from coingecko , you might have missed somethings , then start collecing from todays. Since, the airdrop projects are new to markets and not so much good to keep, I usaually sell them and buy ATOM , LUNA and DOT to stake. All this in about in 1 year , I never participate in restrospective airdrops (upcoming DEX coin likes DYDX , getting domain name ENS and so many ) as they mostly comes in ETH blockchian.

Coinmaketcap Diamonds link : Using my referral links , you will get 20 diamonds extra after collecting 100 diamonds or you can use direct link :
Coingecko Diamond Link :

Comment down how you started your journey like  :
a) Direct trading or
b) exploring about airdrops or
c) only restrospective airdrops or
d) staking rewards or
e) Exploring and trading NFTs
f) P2E games or
g) Project owner 

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Wow, what a journey
Plz share the strategy It will be very helpful to us
I believe that it was not very task to make 1000$ in this market conditions. And if you talk about me i started to direct join trades as always buy low sell high
Great and motivating journey
I also started from crypto journey from the last year and the month was february Or march. The first payment I received was of 10-12 $ I was really very happy at the point.