Dealing with money(1)

5 Jul 2022

Are you having issues with how to handle your money? Here are a few tips that can help you better handle your finances:

1. Make Budgets: Write down everything you plan to spend on and try to stick to it. Do not rebel against your budget because ‘you deserve good things” or “you didn’t come to this life to kill yourself. Budget your expenses so that you will have money to pay for your necessities, and enjoyment and to gratify your worthwhile desires without spending more than you earn. 

2. Keep track of your spending: If you know where your money is going it will be easier to make changes if you need to. Accountability is very important when it comes to building wealth and keeping track of your spending helps you do that. With this, you can know how much of your income goes into food, travel, data, transport, enjoyment, clothing, etc. And you can know how to adjust or cut down on some expenses.

3. Separate your wants from needs: Be sure to not think your desires are necessary expenditures. Separate your needs from wants. Avoid purchasing unnecessary or expensive items that you don’t need. Practice self-control and spend responsibly.

Let your motto be 100% of appreciated value for every money spent.

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1 Comment

This is a very important article. Dealing with money is very critical and you can never be too careful. Deal with money mentally with wisdom not emotions. If you know you cannot handle money well,you can give it to a very trusted person who is close to keep it for you.