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29 Oct 2022

Shirpa was shouting low-mail when a voice from above spoke. The house is held together by a rope that is "average." Shirpa asked upon approaching, "Your introduction?" I am the home's owner, the man declared. Shirpa's head abruptly turned. He apologised. I'm back, please be alone. won't be there to steal.' Hold on, sip some water, and dab some perspiration off. How challenging was the ascent? So, are you a thief of honour or a scoundrel? How long have you been working? Residents inquired. What should I do, you ask? No bank will loan me the money I need to buy a car. Then I launched this new company. That's my automobile, see? In two or three residences, I received favourable hands. You ended up in the middle of what was supposed to be the last house. This business had considerable potential earlier, but inflation has recently had an impact. People don't save, and as a result, they don't purchase many gold coins. Look at the five kilogrammes of Delhi rice, the entire sack of golden onions, and the cylinder of Pavsher ghee. It has taken place. Why the hurry? owns a house Hey, go home and eat some spicy spring onions. (Inside) "Ramu Oh, wake up, something loud is coming from inside the house. Are you deceased?" It was the owner speaking. Where is my luck now? Godspeed and may it happen. Ramu coughed. "Have I taken it upon myself to feed you for free? What will you do if a robber breaks into the house? Even if just one stick is taken from the house, I will recoup it from your earnings, so it will still be my loss. Understood?" The landlord said. When Ramu heard the term "salary," he immediately turned around and replied, "Truly, you should collect that amount from my salary. As a result, I will be aware of the pay rate. I inherited a huge paycheck but no water. Day and night, I whine like a donkey. He then began clearing his throat. Gay "Look, please stop weeping. 

I see The last time the two of you met. G started living on his own, thus I now need a gardener. who is going to look after the garden." Did you hear that, the landlord questioned How did you hear it? said Shirpa. "Oh, I see now that you are 100 years old. Several years ago, it was a gloomy day. The identical issue appears to have developed in your situation today." "So?" said Shirpa. "Such fresh aspirations a year ago No Find a covert shortcut to finish entered the house for all time. Ramu and I were caught stealing while undercover. Ramu will be slain in a single strike. supine and perched on his umbrella She had legs like pillars and stood tall." "Then what? He was in tears. Call the cops immediately; otherwise, I'll pass away in one hour. surprise Shirpa questioned, "So why did you contact the police?" "Oh, to escape the cave of forty criminals was once simple; however, to escape the grasp of a woman would require a miracle. Until now, we were unable to carry out that heavenly mission. For your information only. These days, that woman is hunting for a garden. She found you, it's over, and you won't be able to leave this house or this mess for the rest of your life. The majority of her search will come to an end today. But rest assured, friend, I'll always be there for you." As he finished speaking, Malikinbai appeared in front of him when he opened his eyes. He began chanting Rama Raksha when he saw her. Hey, why are you talking so erratically, what's wrong? He frantically searched everywhere, but Shirpa vanished! He casually peered out the window, took him by the hand, and sat in the vehicle holding a bundle.

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