Lucid Dreaming

11 Dec 2022

When a person is asleep but aware that they are dreaming, they are having a lucid dream. In this state, a person can exert some control over their dream's narrative, essentially guiding and directing the dream's course. Because this type of sleep is linked to awareness and reflection, it is frequently linked to metacognition. Metacognition is the awareness and comprehension of one's thought processes.
According to research, lucid dreaming and metacognitive functions use similar neural systems. This implies that people with enhanced abilities to monitor their thoughts are more likely to have lucid dreams.

How to Experience a lucid dream

Keep a dream diary: Some people claim that keeping a dream diary increases the likelihood of having lucid dreams. Concentrating more on dreams may help you become more aware of the experience when it occurs.

Experiment with reality testing: This procedure entails checking oneself while awake and asleep to see if one is dreaming. For example, you could test your dream by pressing your finger against a wall. If you are not, your finger will be stopped by the solid wall. However, your finger could simply pass through the wall in a dream. Getting used to reality testing while awake may make it easier to do while sleeping.

Increase your REM sleep: The best way to increase your REM sleep is to get more quality sleep each night. Improve your sleep habits by maintaining a comfortable sleep environment, adhering to a consistent sleep schedule, avoiding electronics before bed, skipping heavy meals and caffeine later in the day, and adhering to a consistent sleep schedule.

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