The Best Video games I have played

10 Dec 2022

Basically growing up, the only thing i did for fun was playing video games with friends on my console . I had like to share a few of them that I really love. I am a big fan of football games and adventure. Here are some of my most favorite games:

God of War: I so much loved God of war, It was a whole hype the first year it came out. The story was interesting and since i was much younger , figuring out how to get to the next level was always fun. Kratos will always be my guy.

Assassin's Creed : I first watched the movie before proceeding to playing the game, jumping on roofs , the stunts, Damn ; that feeling was everything . I don't really enjoy playing it anymore but that year, Assassins Creed really came through for me.

FIFA: I had to save the best for the last, nothing beats this in my favourite game list. It never gets boing and always looking to something new every year made it fun. My favorite player has always been Messi . His skills are just too smooth.

You can share your favorite video games in the comment section too.

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