My Sports Games

7 Oct 2022

I am really enjoyed when I am playing different types of sports games. There are many sports game in the world but I am playing only football, badminton, cricket, tennis and runnin.

These all are i am play at day wise in a week. Monday and Tuesday i am playing football, Wednesday i am playing badminton, Thursday and Friday i am playing cricket, saturday i am playing tennis and on Sunday i am doing running near about 10 km. During these all activities i enjoyed very much. Due to doing such activities our health is being in fantastic condition.

Sports is a my life without such sports games my life is not important. In these all sports i enjoyed more when i am playing cricket. Cricket is a fantastic game. When i am playing all these sports my feelings are very good. When we play such types of games we forgotten all our problems or tension in our life. in our life stress is more about our work so we play different types of games. These all problems will become invalid in our life. I am really enjoyed very much during playing theses games. Thank you!☺️💟

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