All You Need to Know About BULB’s Liquidity Event

30 Mar 2024


Howdy BULBers, the day that everyone has been waiting for is fast approaching: BULB’s Liquidity Event and official Token Listing.

We know that everyone must have a lot of questions on their minds, so in  this article, we will go through everything that you need to know about BULB’s liquidity event on April 13th. 
Whether you are a full on degen  or complete noob to the Web3 space, you will get some value as we go through all the different components one by one…

Creating a Liquidity Pool on Meteora

Meteora Home Page

To kickstart  BULB’s liquidity event, we will be creating an official liquidity pool via Meteora, a leading DEX on Solana and will verify this particular liquidity pool  as the creator of BULB Token. In particular, we will be using Meteora’s Dynamic Liquidity Market Maker (DLMM), which gives liquidity providers (LPs)  access to dynamic fees and precise liquidity concentration all in real-time. 

The key reasons we chose Meteora’s DLMM rather than a typical dynamic automated market maker pool is because:

  1.  DLMM has higher capital efficiency as it can support high volume trading with low liquidity requirements through the concentrating of tokens at or around the current market value,
  2.  Lower to zero slippage if the token swapping is within an active bin or price range,
  3.  More dynamic fees as LPs earn higher swap fees during high market volatility to compensate for impermanent loss.
  4. More flexible liquidity as LPs can build flexible liquidity distributions according to their intended strategies.

Key Liquidity Provision Strategies

Quoting Meteora’s docs, the three key Liquidity volatility strategies are: 


Provides a uniform distribution of liquidity that is flexible and suitable for any type of market and conditions. It is the most straightforward volatility strategy to deploy for new LPs who want to rebalance their position less frequently. This is similar to setting a CLMM price range.


Ideal for a concentrated approach that aims to maximise capital efficiency by allocating capital mostly in the middle of your price range. This is great for stables or pairs where the price does not change very often.


Bid-Ask is an inverse Curve distribution, where most of your capital is allocated towards both ends of the range. This strategy can be used to capture bigger volatility swings away from the current price. Bid-Ask is more complex than Spot and may require more frequent rebalancing to be effective, but has a high potential for fee capture during situations where prices fluctuate wildly around the current price. Bid-Ask can also be deployed single sided for a DCA in or out strategy.

Depending on the goals of the liquidity provider (you), providers can set the “shape” of their liquidity to achieve that objective. BULB strongly believes in opting for a market that allows the community to make more choices when adding to our official liquidity pool.

BULB will be adding liquidity using the bid-ask distribution and will rebalance the pool when required. 

On the technical side, BULB's official DLMM pool will have the following:

  1. A bin step of 100 basis points and;
  2. 0.25% base fees

The reasons for these parameters are:

  1. BULB is a smaller market cap token at present, so we want to capture higher levels of volatility through a relatively high bin step. This means that liquidity added will  cover a larger price range from the initial starting price. 
  2. We want to ensure there are reasonable fees for liquidity providers that are neither too high nor too low to both encourage the community to provide liquidity and avoid a lack of transaction volume from excessive fees.

If you wish to support the liquidity pool to take advantage of price appreciation and fees, all you need to do is add liquidity to the pool. This is a super easy process and we will have tutorials for everyone in due course.

Now we will discuss how you can transact BULB Tokens…

Option 1: Swapping on Jupiter 

Swapping SOL For BULB On Jupiter

Once we have created the official liquidity on Meteora, Jupiter will aggregate all the liquidity pools on the market, both official and unofficial liquidity pools to allow you to swap your crypto assets for BULB Tokens and vice versa. 

To swap for BULB Tokens, all you need to do is:

  1. Connect your SPL wallet to Jupiter
  2. Select the token you would like to swap for BULB Tokens
  3. Type the amount, and swap. 

The process to swap for BULB Tokens is exactly the same if you were doing it the other way round. 

Having officially verified our Token with Jupiter, we join one of the selected few altcoins that has verification. This is due to BULB having a genuine project with a genuine token and a genuine community behind it.

Option 2: Trading $BULB on Birdeye 

BULB Token Trading View on Birdeye

Powered by Meteora’s DLMM and Jupiter’s liquidity aggregator DeFi protocol, BULBers can jump onto Birdeye, a leading crypto trading aggregator to see the latest price and statistics for the BULB Token, and most importantly trade BULB Tokens.

Note that due to various unofficial liquidity pools which have been created community members, BULB Tokens currently have a “market price”. We’d like to point out that the current market price and historical chart movements have been highly influenced by a lack of liquidity (<$10,000 USD value locked) and minor market manipulation in the pools. Additionally,  at the time of writing this article, BULB's updated tokenomics structure has yet to be implemented (April 1st). 

For any users out there who want to trade BULB Tokens through Birdeye,  all you need to do is:

  1.  Connect your SPL wallet to Birdeye
  2. Select the token pair you wish to swap for which is hopefully ($BULB-$SOL).
  3. Input your desired amount
  4. Start swapping tokens, whereby the underlying infrastructure is powered by Meteora and Jupiter.

 It is that simple to interact with DeFi protocols.

Getting Ready For The Liquidity Event

BULB Token Official Liquidity Event Details

At the time of writing, we are going to be establishing a BULB-SOL DLMM liquidity pool on Meteora at a price range of USD 0.0015 to USD 0.0025 on April 13 2024. We feel that this is a fair and reasonable price to get the liquidity pool started with the view that we only go up from there.

To summarise everything in one short paragraph: 

BULB will be creating an official BULB-SOL liquidity pool on Meteora where liquidity aggregators like Jupiter will route the swapping of BULB Tokens via both official and unofficial  liquidity pools. This can also be further traded on crypto trading aggregators like Birdeye. 

The official liquidity pool created and verified by BULB will be the largest BULB pair on the market and we expect more private investors and avid community members to add  liquidity to the pool. 

If you enjoy using BULB and believe in our mission to create a community where passion, ideas and engagement are all rewarded, all support of the project goes a long way to ensuring its future and hopefully yours. 

Over this crypto bull run and beyond, BULB has the potential to become the undisputed Web3 blogging platform in the world and when we get there, seeing the value of BULB skyrocket will not be a dream, but a reality. 

We believe in our community, we believe in our ability to grow with you and we believe wholeheartedly in our vision, to create a community where everyone is rewarded for their passions, ideas and engagement. 

Let’s go to the moon, together 🚀


All information contained in this blog post does not constitute financial advice in any way whatsoever and is provided for informational  purposes only. Nothing published in this blog post expressly or impliedly indicates the liquidity, tradability and other relevant matters of BULB Tokens, nor does it constitute a promise, representation or conduct of similar intentions in any way whatsoever. Nothing published in this section constitutes an investment or purchase recommendation, nor should content contained be relied upon for any investment or purchase activities. We strongly recommend that you perform your own independent research and/or speak with a qualified professional before making any financial or purchase decisions.

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