What is Meson Network (MSN)? Learn about the Bandwidth trading project on blockchain

13 Feb 2024

Since the Internet was born and widely used, it has brought countless opportunities in the fields of communication, economics and society. However, with the growth of the Internet comes the increasing need for bandwidth, the minimum resource required to ensure user experience. Therefore, Meson Network was born to solve that problem. So what is Meson Network? Please find out through the article below.
What is Meson Network (MSN)?
Meson Network is a bandwidth business project built on blockchain. To do this, Meson Network will encourage users to use excess bandwidth resources to open a market in which users can monetize their own resources without being affected by Stakeholders.

The core principle that Meson Network uses is to empower users to self-determine the resources they hold. From there, creating an equal, non-dominated market, providing packages to accelerate the download speed of videos, content, and audio.
Meson Network's operating model
Look at the picture above, this is the simplest way to understand the operation of Meson Network. Suppose, user A is using a VPS with large bandwidth from providers like Amazon Web Service or Google Cloud but they are not using all that bandwidth.

At this point, user A can choose to become a validator of Meson Network through GagaNode or GatewayX and provide excess bandwidth for Web2 and even Web3 services. From there, user A can fully optimize the power of his VPS in the context that VPS service fees are increasing day by day.

Basic information about MSN tokens
·      Token name: Meson Network Token
·      Tokens: MSN
·      Blockchain: Ethereum, Arbitrum
·      Token standard: ERC-20
·      Contract: Updating…
·      Uses of tokens: Utilities, Administration
·      Total supply: 100,000,000 MSN
·      Circulating supply: Updating…
MSN token allocation rate
MSN token allocation schedule
Currently, Meson Network has not announced specific information about the MSN token distribution schedule
What is MSN token used for?
MSN is the governance token of Meson Network. It has 4 main functions:
·      To reward miners.
·      Staking.
·      Payment to users.
·      Protocol administration.
Development roadmap
Deploy and test Meson Network prototype.
Deploy Testnet version 1.0.
Deploy Testnet version 2.5.
Launch of Tokenomics Beta1.
Deploy GagaNode and IPCola.
Deploying Mainnet 1.0.
Deploying Mainnet 2.0.
Deploy bandwidth trading floor.
Development team
Sherlock Shi (Co-Founder & CEO)
Sherlock Shi is Co-Founder and CEO at Meson Network. He worked at MATPool as an engineer and project manager before starting Meson Network.
At the present time, Meson Network has successfully raised more than 3.5 million USD from investment funds such as: HashKey Capital, Digital Currency Group, Presto,... The value of the remaining capital round has not yet been announced by Meson Network
Above is general information about Meson Network and the operating model of this project on the path to creating a bandwidth trading market. Through the article, we hope to bring readers the most general perspective of Meson Network with information about the MSN token and the project's development roadmap.

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