Who are Trigods in hindu

3 Jun 2022

Hindu mythology is the oldest among all others. There are more than 3.3300 million God and Goddess in this mythology with their unique powers and function needed to withstand the universe and balance the whole ecosystem of universe.
Among these all God ,there are Major three Gods for controlling the universe. The first is Shiva also known as destroyer of universe. The second one is Brahma the Creator and architect of universe. The next one is Bishnu also known by preserver or protector of universe.
God Bishnu has many avatar and come across Earth to destroy the evil sides and teach important lesson and restore peace in Earth. Brahma created the whole universe in accordance to maintain and balance eith required natural resources , animals and sources. The God Shiva is so powerful and protect from all dangers to universe.
The main weapons of Shiva is Trident able to destroy and create any form of energy. For Vishnu,he have Sudarshan Chakra and others. Braa can create new opens and popular and most powerful are Brahma Astra . Astra means weapons in hinduism.

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