What I feel for you

11 Feb 2023

Thank you,
Just to be clear, you are here for a reason.
I'm so happy you're here so I can receive the best gift.

However, I want you to understand how much I actually value you.

How should I begin, then?
Let's start by talking about how you made my heart feel.
When you're close, I can't think clearly because my fear has me temporarily blinded.

the worry that you would learn what I've been working so hard to conceal.
I'm keeping my affections for you within, locked up.

You sometimes inspire me to sing, and other times you inspire me to scream.
All I know is that I feel butterflies when you're near.

Do you think whatever I'm feeling is genuine or am I just having a dream?
Please, God, end my suffering.

You are a picture of perfection in every manner, therefore I must be dreaming if I think otherwise.

I'm at a loss for words when it comes to how I feel about you.

Do roses usually come in red?
And must violets be blue?
But I do know this one thing:

You and I are in love.

Not just because of your appearance, though that is a factor.
I adore you for who you are on the inside, and I hope to have you all to myself one day.

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