Farmers Markets #4: Vote your maBEETS

25 May 2024

If you aren't familiar with the veTOKEN model please check out my explainer post on Bulb

If you want to know more about the analysis here see my post on Bulb about analysing for veTOKEN votes

Voting maBEETS - round 63

Beethoven X Snapshot
Beethoven X Fantom pools
Beethoven X Hidden Hand
Fantom Block Explorer
Beethoven X Blog (Medium)
Beethoven X Discord

To note about voting rewards on Beethoven X

Beethoven X does voting rewards a little differently to most guage vote platforms. As well as having individual token rewards they'll often reward in LP tokens. For example the rewards for Staked Fantom & Circle Symphony (below)

Are the BPTs (Beethoven Pool Tokens) for that LP on Beethoven.

Where I'm voting this round

Bribe markets

Voting power

We've looking at the raw return per 10K votes. Roughly we currently have 60K votes.

If we discount Liquid on the Moon, because it's such few votes, the two candidates are Fantom Menace and Deus crescendo.

Although Deus crescendo is a bit more in terms of $/10k Votes and it's still got a reasonable amount of votes, the rewards are in $DEUS.

Whilst the $DEUS has pretty stable in terms of price the rewards from Fantom Menace are in the BPT tokens and they are the core tokens of Fantom and I hold that LP already as a long term position which this would add to.

Plus they are nearly joint top in terms of votes cast so it's less likely this return will change much.

So this round we've voted for Fantom Menace. At present values that will earn us approx 18 USD in rewards.

The latest from Beethoven X

Check out the most recent updates from Beethoven X.
Make sure to give their blog posts a clap and comment on Medium as well as a like, comment and share on X!

Over to you

Are you a regular voter on Beethoven X?
What level Relic/s do you have?
Who are you voting for this time around?

Let me know in the comments.

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