Mood Swing

21 Dec 2022

mood swing is an extreme or sudden change of mood. when a mood swing is severe it can be categorized as a mental problem which is known as bipolar disorder.
Mood swing in some people starts when they are trying to figure out something they were doing and they find it difficult to do so, it automatically changes their mood and it makes the person angry at every little thing that they are not supposed to be angry at. I for one have had my own episodes, it could start with my washing machine not working in the middle of my washing and automatically changing my mood and I just find myself being angry and confused at the smallest thing.
A typical Nigerian experiences mood swings when they are broke and financially unstable.
Mood swings come in different ways, they could make you feel and look angry, and you could be experiencing sadness without knowing what is actually causing the sadness, you could experience it in a way that makes you cry without actually knowing the cause, and sometimes you will experience this heaviness in your heart.
When you are experiencing mood swings, it is recommended that you find what makes you happy and do it, it could be a memory of something that made you happy, watching a comedy skit or taking a walk, listening to music that will lift your spirit, pray and ask that God helps you.

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