The Summary of Napoleon Hill's THINK and GROW RICH Book

31 May 2022

well hello believed nation in this video

I'll be summarizing one of the greatest

self-help books of all time

pink and crow rage this book is one of

Evans top 5 book recommendations so make

sure to watch closely and take notes my

name is Manny wah and I'm the founder of

2000 books calm and the two thousand

books youtube channel where we

summarized some of the world's greatest

business and personal development books

I have personally read over a thousand

business and self-help books and in this

video I'm summarizing a book that is not

only one of Evans top 5 books but it is

also one of my top 5 books so here we go

thinking courage is arguably one of the

greatest self-help books of all time why

because in it is the combined knowledge

about how to become successful from some

of the greatest minds of the 20th

century including john d rockefeller who

was the richest man the world has ever


andrew carnegie the biggest steel tycoon

of his times and second only to

rockefeller in terms of wealth henry

ford the founder of Ford Motor Company

Thomas Edison the inventor of lightbulb

and holder of over 2,000 patterns and

over 500 such great minds the author

Napoleon Hill spent nearly 30 years

interviewing these great men to figure

out what made them successful and the

book is a distillation of those ideas

and in this video I will compress the

entire book in the knowledge from these

500 great men into one encompassing idea

that will simplify the whole book for

you and even though the title of the

book is thinking Grow Rich the idea is

applied to accomplishing any goal that

you desire now here's the

all-encompassing idea in order to do

great things

whether it be to accumulate great riches

or any other goal for that matter we

have to enroll and harness the power of

our subconscious mind and that is what

we will discuss in this video going

forward now why do we need to do that

well we all have two minds inside of us

the conscious and the subconscious

however in terms of sheer power the

subconscious mind is orders of magnitude

more powerful than the conscious mind

there is literally no comparison if the

size of the conscious mind is the size

of a microwave oven

the subconscious mind is the size of the

Milky Way it's extremely powerful and

the computational resources it

as are humongous millions of times more

powerful than the conscious mind so in

order to accomplish your big goals you

need to harness the power of your

subconscious mind by programming it with

the goal that you want and how do we

harness the power of the subconscious

mind and program it for what we want

well given the nature of our

subconscious mind and the conscious mind

it is not easy to program the

subconscious mind but it is entirely

possible and this book is all about

understanding precisely how to do that

so let's understand the basics of the

subconscious mind and then we will talk

about the keys to program it for massive

success firstly even though the

subconscious mind is way more powerful

than the conscious mind it is still

being controlled by the conscious mind

our conscious mind is the master of our

subconscious mind the subconscious mind

is like a garden while the conscious

mind is the gardener the conscious mind

is sowing the seeds of part while the

subconscious is working to bring those

thoughts to fruition

second of all we have to understand that

our subconscious mind is always working

and for most people it is working

against them

now you might be wondering why the

subconscious mind would work against you

well it is because of the thoughts and

emotions that are dominating your

existence every single moment every

single day if your thoughts are

dominated by negativity fear poverty

failure well the subconscious mind is

busy making those thoughts a reality for

you and hence it is working against you

on the other hand if you are feeding

your subconscious mind deliberately

design thoughts and feelings of riches

success positivity

well the subconscious mind gets busy

making those thoughts a reality for you

now the challenge is that if you do not

actively plant deliberately chosen

thoughts and emotions in there it will

work on the thoughts it receives as a

result of neglect and unfortunately

those are not usually positive uplifting

thoughts you are constantly being

bombarded with negativity all around you

thirdly the subconscious mind is

objective it does not distinguish

between positive or negative it does not

distinguish between a penny or a million

dollars it will take whatever thoughts

and emotions you think and feel and get

busy making them a reality

whether positive or negative okay so now

that we understand the subconscious mind

a little better how do we get about

programming our subconscious mind for

great success how do we create that

burning desire that literally turns on

the power of the subconscious mind in

our favor and makes us unstoppable well

here are the five keys to do exactly

that first of all we must have a

definite purpose we must become very

clear on what we want on the specific

goal we want the clear the purpose or

the end goal the easier it is to get

there only when we are clear about our

goal can we program that goal into our

subconscious mind if you provide your

subconscious mind with no clear purpose

or goals you will get no real power from

it it will be like a giant ship with

immense power but without any

destination to aim for so what's the use

of a ship without a clear destination a

lot of people have these wake calls

about maybe becoming rich or losing

weight but those goals are so big that

it's almost useless you have to be very

clear you have to have a very clear goal

a very clear dollar amount that will

help you harness the power of your

subconscious mind because it allows you

to focus your effort and it gives you a

clarity of direction clarity of making

decisions the second key to programming

your subconscious mind is to use the

power of artists suggestion now order

suggestions are deliberately designed

statements or commands you give to

yourself also known as affirmations once

you know what you want you must repeat

that command to your subconscious mind

over and over and over and over and over

again no end to it there's no end to

maintaining your garden and you have to

keep on doing this you never stop doing

it so you keep on repeating these

affirmations to yourself these are the

suggestions to yourself over and over

again the third key to program your

subconscious mind is to use the power of

emotions to direct your subconscious

mind now it is not enough to think about

your calls and just repeat them you must

mix those thoughts of your calls with

emotions the emotions you want to feel

when the goal will be accomplished the

subconscious mind only understands the

language of emotions emotionless

thoughts do not affect the subconscious

mind that is a fact it does not

understand the sub

just does not understand the language of

logic or reason so any language you use

in order to program your subconscious

mind has to involve emotions you have to

feel the feelings in order to be able to

program your subconscious mind you must

mix your thoughts with positive emotions

or thoughts mixed with negative emotions

will unfortunately reach your

subconscious mind by default and

thoughts mixed with emotions have a

magnetic force to them in the sense that

they attract similar thoughts and

emotions positive emotions will keep on

attracting more of those positive

thoughts more of those positive emotions

so your job is to minimize the inflow of

negative and disempowering thoughts and

emotions and to instead program your

subconscious with deliberately designed

positive and empowering thoughts

emotions and feelings and when we can

consistently do that that's when we have

the key to unlocking our subconscious

mind okay the fourth key to programming

your subconscious mind is visualization

and acting as if in order to program our

subconscious mind we must see and feel

the goal as if the goal is already

accomplished that you already have what

you desire ask yourself how would you

act if you had already accomplished your


how would you feel what would you do

what feelings would dominate your mind

the key to visualization is to actually

be able to see and feel yourself as

having already accomplished the call

rather than thinking of it as a distant

possibility so if you have a goal of

making a million dollars by December

31st of next year visualize yourself on

December 31st as having already

accomplished that call don't think of it

as something you would like to

accomplish in the future that is

creating the feeling of not having the

goal right now instead feel that it is

December 31st of next year right now and

you have already accomplished the call I

really cannot emphasize this point

enough so you might want to just rewind

and watch this point a few times because

it's loaded with great wisdom right here

okay the fifth key to programming your

subconscious mind is persistence and

repetition so what is the price of being

able to harness the power of your

subconscious mind it is as Napoleon Hill

says it it is everlasting persistence

and thoughts mix with emotions mix with


endless repetition of that desire mixed

with positive emotions and mixed with

faith no matter what the circumstances

no matter what you see externally in the


there's no lower price we can pave we

must consistently persist and repeat

these thoughts over and over and over

again we must decide to programmer

subconscious mind and there is no end to

it we have to do it over and over and

over again so the amazing thing is that

as you begin to increase your thoughts

about that goal and you mix it with your

positive emotions and what will happen

is those thoughts and those emotions

will begin to attract more of such

thoughts and emotions until you become

completely charged with this thought

pattern with these emotions ok so we

just talked about the five keys to

programming your subconscious mind

however there is one power strategy that

literally puts this whole book on

steroids this strategy makes the above

five steps automatic and that strategy

is to burn the boats now let me tell you

the story of Spanish Conqueror Hernan

Cortes back in the 1500s to really

explain what it means to burn the boats

when Hernan Cortes warships arrived on

what was then the Aztec empire he had

clear intentions of fighting the Aztecs

and conquering that area of what is now

modern-day Mexico however he quickly

realized that his army was badly

outnumbered almost of the ratio of one

to 100 and he saw that his soldiers were

starting to hesitate and thinking of

retreating in case the war did not go

according to plan so in order to get the

very best out of his soldiers in order

to get them to win he ordered his men to

burn their pots and once the ports were

born there was no way of retrieving the

soldiers knew very clearly that they

only had two options either win or die

there was no other way out do or die and

that created a burning obsession inside

of them to win and to live and that is

why his army went on to win the war even

though they were outnumbered one to

hundred now that is the power of burning

the boats it quickly gets us to harness

the power of our subconscious mind

because when our survival is at stake

the subconscious mind brings all its

power to

on a given situation in those situations

we become unstoppable so if you want to

create a burning obsessive pulsating

desire for something if you really want

to program your subconscious mind with

your goal you need to cut off all other

paths of retreat you need to cut off all

other possibilities you have to go all

in just one option and sometimes these

situations are externally manufactured

for us for example you are running out

of money in your venture and you have a

clear deadline by which you must make

the business work or the business will

die many great entrepreneurs have

actually created at those moments as the

ones that really turn their businesses

around at other times we have to burn

the boats ourselves when there are no

external manufactured situations

available to us and one of the ways you

can do that is to publicly commit to a

goal or another way to do that is to

create real deadlines with real

consequences if the goal is not

accomplished whatever you do to burn the

boats make sure that it leads to a state

of burning obsession where you are

almost obsessively thinking about the

goal you need that fire you need that

obsession you need that in order to

program your subconscious mind and that

is what will trigger you to greatness so

there you have it an in-depth

understanding of thinking courage so

just to recap what we learned was that

in order to accomplish our greatest

goals we must enroll and harness the

power of our subconscious minds just

trying to use the conscious mind to

accomplish our goals is not enough and

we talked about the five keys to harness

the power of the subconscious mind and

then we also talked about the one power

strategy that literally makes us

unstoppable so if you enjoyed this Think

and Grow Rich summary and learn

something new from it I'm sure you will

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