14 Oct 2022

I may not be old enough to tell you how to run the country but I'm young I don't tell you how this country should be run now however you wish to take this message depends on how honest you are being with yourself I'm just here to give a brief synopsis on the political nature of this country this message is divided into two parts the first is to address the government and the second part is to address the governed.


With all due respect to those tasked with the responsibility to operate at both the Executive, Legislative and Judicial pillars of this so-called democratic which is in reality a Hypocritic Form of Government. The reason as to why I chose to put it that way is by virtue of honesty and sincerity because relating to the current nature of the country.
It is without doubt that Nigeria has come to be considered a failed if not a failing state in the eyes of the global community. With that in mind, let me ask you dear reader, is that far from the truth??? We have recorded failure in leadership, not to mention followership, failure in the management and utilization of resources, failure to develop the economy, failure in producing credible leaders only to produce ones we are forced to manage in a would be democratic state that has failed to show any sign of growth, development, maturity, brain drain on an exponential rate, rise in insecurity, failure to develop a good not to even talk of a functional educational system for the youth thereby in turn producing lazy youths as the president once had the authoritative audacity to say. How long must we continue to live like this? Nigeria was once referred to as a rich country of poor people in addition to the numerous praises of this sort we have received as rewards for being a Nigerian. At this point i want to take the time to give the Nigerian Government a round of applause for making all these and many more possible, 👏👏👏 please join me and give them a round of applause.
At this present time and in light of this present administration of "failures", addressing the people in the government, paramilitary and other sectors which I am yet to mention, is it wise to call this democracy when it doesn't even go in line with the basic definition of Democracy as elucidated by Abraham Lincoln? When in this present age, the sole aim and interest of the government is on the money in the country? And to worsen the case, the same individuals out of the abundance of shame in their hearts give us excuses that even their children are not proud of. Gerontocracy, Authoritarianism, Nepotism all backed up by Hypocrisy is the real form of Government Nigeria has been forced to practice all this while, they come up with TOO YOUNGTO RULE POLICY, but up until this point, I haven't seen the one that covers being TOO OLD TO RULE. I am saying this with all due respect not to praise the Nigerian Government for what they have been doing and they still seek second term to have a second chance at being more unproductive as they have during their first regime. How can this be, do they have no shame or even sympathy let alone conscience at all? It is with a heavy heart that i say this. It is not a new concept that Nigeria is currently running at a debt that up until now am still wondering how, when, and by what means the Government plans on settling that inexorbitant debt.


I need you all to realize that our country is dying and we are the ones killing it. I need you all to stop letting the system treat you all like crap. Why sell your conscience to a government that only need you in times of election and later on don't give a f*ck about you. I need you to realize that If you are not tired of where you are, where you are is already tired of you. Learn to stand up for your right, stand up for what you believe in and don't let anyone tell you otherwise cause its about time you started doing so. Be the change you want to see in the world. Stand up and create the world you want to live in, you want your children to live in, you want your spouse to live in. Ultimately, learn to be yourself, not just yourself, your best self. I believe and not just believing, I know that we all are better than this, let's not let the mistakes we made in the past stop us or hinder us from making a difference in the present and ultimately in the future. For now, our government has failed us, so let's stop worrying about what plans they have for us cause if it isn't clear enough, their plan is to make life hell and if not hell, a living nightmare for each and everyone of us, so let's prove to them that we can do better with or without them. Because the Government I want and I choose to belive in is Government of the people not the money, for the people not the money and ultimately by the people.


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