Pooja's story

14 May 2023

Pooja looked very tired. I just said, "Babasaheb is gone! So I can't come. After taking them, we left. Now first I take a bath. Otherwise, grandma's sola will deteriorate." "Yes ma'am, both of them are angry today. I will tell you everything tomorrow. I will heat the food for you first." "No, no! I don't want to eat at all. I'll just have a cup of hot coffee." When Pooja came from bath, I gave her coffee. After keeping the rest of the food in the fridge, Pooja was sleeping till I came to the bedroom. I was surprised that it was my mother! I thought she would wake up and definitely inquire. But she didn't come out. Neither of them asked her a single word since waking up the next day. That calm before the storm was haunting me. Because I was sure that Pooja was not at all forgiving in this regard. For one thing, Pooja had kept them in the dark and yesterday it wreaked havoc. His for so long at night It was impossible for them to like staying at home. So even if Pooja gave any reason, they would not agree. In fact, she didn't want to go to office today. But it was impossible to live in such conditions at home. So reluctantly she went to the office. Pooja went to the office and within half an hour Rohit's car stopped in front of our building. Grandma saw his car first and said, "Done! Most of them have come to say that they don't want to get married! His father is also an advocate!

They must have gone to Jadhav! And what would they have thought after seeing the worship there! Now enjoy the fruits of your deeds!" Even if Rohit rings the bell, both will come forward and open the door! Finally, I opened the door and he said, "I have come just in time for your rush in the morning. But my father could not rest. They said, you yourself go and see Pooja. "So? What happened to Puja? What, Aparna, did she tell you something?" asked the mother in a panic. But I also didn't know anything, so I'm not alone Finally, Rohit took it back and said, "She may not have said anything because you would worry." She had fever at night at Dhava's house. I also felt dizzy. It was Baba who dropped her home in his car." Mother's face cleared after hearing Rohit's speech. I also did not know what to say. Pooja was not feeling well and the poor woman did not say anything out of fear. On the contrary, grandmother took a bath even in such a fever so as not to say anything. She should be in bed all night. He did not wake her up even in the morning. I thought she must be tired from yesterday's hard work, but did she tell me this? I would have taken her to the doctor in the morning. But what is the use of thinking about this now? I had to talk to Rohit about something, so I said, "Pujachi is awesome! We were not told that. But I don't want to go to office today." "What? Has pooja gone to office? I warned her yesterday to rest all day today!" Rohit spoke very worriedly. So I wanted to say, if you get relief, will she stay? Because of the tension in our home Her illness would have worsened. Instead, she went to work because the office was better. I didn't say anything but looked at the grandmother angrily as she said softly, "Yesterday was the worship of Sankashti, wasn't it! Sometimes she feels hungry. Even that Jadhwankada's tension, she must have suffered because of it! But Rohit doesn't let me stay and says she went to Jadhav's yesterday only as a formality!" "So? I don't understand what you mean?" Rohit's answer made Aji even more confused. She did not know how to explain to Rohit. But he did not like Pooja going to Jadhav and that is why they both had Puja was treated as his daughter. He was the one who insisted me to marry Pooja. He appreciated Pooja very much. On the contrary, if Pooja had not met him at such a time, not only I but also Baba would have felt very bad. Why should a husband and wife take a divorce to mean that they should be enemies for the rest of their lives?" Hearing Rohit's thoughts, both mother and grandmother were licked. Both their faces were worth seeing. It was out of his usual frame of mind to think like this. And I was sure that no matter how good someone said about Jadhav, these two would not think it was true. But he must have realized that his future son-in-law has a very big heart. Because the mother immediately said in an overwhelmed voice, "The credit for this good culture done on you should be given to your parents. Come on, I'll make tea first, you take breakfast with us." "No no no! I will come again! Now, let's go to Pooja's office first and see, Baisaheb's health is like this! And informs Baba.

They must be waiting for my call." Saying this, he went out. After he left, I closed the door and said to my mother, "Look mother, Pooja did not even express her pain because of your fear. There is no limit to her endurance. Oh, how much faith does Rohit, who was introduced the other day, also have about Puja, did you see that? And it was Jadhavkaka, whom you despise so much, who arranged Pooja's marriage, but not only Dangora Pit. So would you have known if Rohit hadn't told you?" "Aparna, you girls of today's generation are really lucky! There are such understanding husbands like Rohit. Of course, there are children who are annoying like pollen!" Grandma said very happy with Rohit. "But Aparna, we who weigh everything in the crown of affairs, have so many bonds of relationship that we never realize that give so many contexts to your life. Because we didn't have that much vision. But your new generation has easily absorbed it. It's really commendable!" "Don't do those compliments later! Let's call that Puja first. I want to talk to her too. If the health deteriorates so much, we will What happened to say? How much panchayat we were in front of that Rohit! And what would he have thought? He came and told us that she was not well! Really Anasuya, this is your child..." I stopped my grandmother and said, "These two got married and we left." Until then, who knows why I live and die ! Aji, I have read this poem of yours. I will tape it now. If you are angry, start the tape immediately so that you can save yourself the trouble of saying the same thing over and over again." “Look, if you want to save me trouble, get married and become an in-law!" Grandma came back to her original position. Because it was not possible to change it at this age. But it was because of her that our attitude changed. Because her thoughts were not agreeable, we got a glimpse of different thoughts. And it cannot be denied that unconscious senses have been enriched.

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