Month In Review: Welcome to Beta 2.0

16 May 2022

Hello BULBers!

A wise person once said, "Sometimes, you've got to look back, to see how far you've come...".

A lot has happened since we set out on this journey in November 2021 with the wild vision to disrupt the creator economy. None of what we have been able to build to date is possible without you guys and we are very thankful for having you with us on the journey in creating a community where ideas, passion and engagement are rewarded!

Let’s get into the month of April and take a look at the community.

Beta 1.0 Recap

Beta 1.0 was released last month and marked an exciting milestone for our roadmap.
The BULBer community has grown larger from 20 to just under 100 users!

We are so pleased to see you enjoying the platform and engaging with other members of the community. There has been a rapid growth in the number of articles written with over 300 new stories shared.

It's been great to see the level of interaction and discussion with an amazing 1,800 comments having been shared since BULB got started.  

Beta 2.0 New features

Beta 2.0 is here! Tomorrow Beta 2.0 will be pushed out and we are looking forward to seeing how you receive the new features we have been working on. 

Here is a list of them! 

Refer2Earn Reward System:

Not only can you write2earn and read2earn, you can also refer2earn! For BULBers who are over level 5, you can now earn 2,500 BULB Tokens for every time you invite a new friend into the community. What's more? they will also be rewarded with 2,500 Tokens for creating an account! Let's grow our BULBer community together!

Phantom Wallet Mobile App Functionality:

We are super keen to announce that BULB is now fully functional within the Phantom Wallet mobile app browser, here are a couple of screenshots to show you how to connect BULB to your Phantom app in 6 simple clicks.

Introducing "My Journey" Level System: 

An exciting new addition to the platform is the introduction of a fresh levelling system called "My Journey". New features, upgrades and rewards are now accessible for unlock once you reach certain level milestones, more will be revealed soon!

Dynamic Points System:

To truly reward ideas, creativity and engagement, we need to separate the good from the great. We are testing out a dynamic points system which will help maintain the integrity of our community, you don’t have to think about it much but it’s all about seeking out bots and spam content, protecting our space. 

There will be a full post with a detailed explanation of the new points system published in the coming weeks.

Upgraded Notifications:

In addition to the notifications received from comments, you will now also get notifications on reacts on your post or comment! More advanced notifications are on the way so you never miss a beat. 

New Category Sort Bar:

You can now discover new content on the topics that matters to you the most in just one click! The category list has now expanded to over 200. It's time to get exploring on BULB. 

Our New Recruits

This month we welcomed Leo Li & Yi Su! These two superstars have jumped straight into the thick of it and are both equally committed to creating an amazing user experience on BULB.

Articles of the Week

First some shoutouts...

Congrats to DudemanETH for Article of the Week #1 with “The Technology Behind Decentralized Exchanges

Read it here:

Congrats to Miguel Norberto for Article of the Week #2 with "Blockchain Apps: Need Good UX"

Read it here:

Congrats to Eyesakov2123 who won Article of the week #3 with "Why is Justice so Unaffordable?"

Read it here:

Congrats MBAChitChat making Article of the Week #4 with "Virtual reality of trying-on without fitting room"

Read it here: 

If you are interested in learning more about our founding team, you can read RCBEST’s “My 3 Principles at Life” series. Of course there's some obvious bias here but congrats for making Article of Week #5 with “My Principle #2: Self-Honesty (Part 1)”.

Read it here:

What’s Coming up Next?

On the 18th of May 2500 new access codes will be sent out to our shortlist and we look forward to welcoming our new BULBers to the community.

The focus is now on bringing you Beta 3.0 with the introduction of more use cases for the BULB Token! 

And of course, more rewards are on their way...

Our Favourite Thing: Feedback!

The team are always striving to create a better platform for you. To assist us in doing that, we need your help! 
Any feedback or suggestions about anything and everything BULB related are appreciated!
It can be about our platform;
Or social media posts;
Or even this month in review;
Or anything you are curious about!
To give feedback, you can:
1) Complete a short google form here
2) Let the team know directly via our email at
That’s all for now folks, we look forward to hearing your feedback, and thanks again for being a part of this wonderful BULB community!

-BULB Team

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Great stuff as usual! Awesome work Bulb team.
Great work Bulb!! And a huge shout out to all my fellow writers and content creators; I've enjoyed reading your stuff :)
MBA ChitChat
Lightning speed development. GREAT WORK !
Great to see these improvements on a very exciting platform. This article is a must read and should be promoted for all new bulbers. Great work!
Johnson Chau
Beta 2.0 here we go!
Don't Mind if I Do
Thankyou for creating such a great platform!
This is a great opportunity - Thank you for the invitation to the community of writers and for including my article on the list! I'm looking forward to seeing the best of the BULB project.
Awesome stuff team!
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