Boat accident kills four women, child in Jigawa State

8 Sept 2022

The canoe they were traveling in from Nguru, Yobe State, to Adiyani village in the Guri Local Government Area of Jigawa State capsized on Tuesday, killing four women and a seven-month-old baby.

In a statement on Wednesday, the state police public relations officer, DSP Lawan Adam, acknowledged the news.

He said that the canoe capsized just as the victims were about to arrive at their destination and that the helmsman managed to escape while the passengers perished in the water.

According to facts at our disposal, four ladies and a child boarded a boat at around 4.30 p.m. on September 6, 2022, from Nguru in Yobe State to Adiyani village in Guri LGA of Jigawa State, Adam said.

Local divers dove into the river as soon as the canoe capsized to begin the rescue effort. Three bodies were found. Yaniwura Kasagama, age 50, Lafiya Bulama, age 40, and Mai-Madu Bulama, age seven months, are among the victims.

Adam claimed that after being transported to the Adiyani Primary Health Care, the bodies were declared dead by medical staff. He also stated that the other two bodies were later found.

"Their names are Badejaka Kasagama and Gimto Kasagama, both of Adiyani village, both of them are 40 years old. The inquiry is still going on, he said.

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