Misconception: In Bulb Energy.

20 Jul 2022

Well , we all know what Bulb is , what it's for. In short, user can publish their blogs and based on activity like read, write, comment, reply users get rewards in BulbEmoji which in turn will gives us BULB token at end of the weeks. Bulb has introduced us that , a user need energy to be able to perform in specific tasks. Each task  need certain level of energy.

Things to consider before buying bulb energy.
1) You need to be user on bulb platfrom with full access around here.
2) You need to have certain amount of BULB tokens to buy energy and maybe SOL to pay gas fee.
That's it , now you can buy energy here.

What are available packs?
Headover to :  Inventory
Currently there are three packs in Bulb, 
1) Earth pack- 5 energy - 500 BULB
2) Moon pack - 25 energy- 2000 BULB
3)Mars pack- 50 energy - 3000 BULB

How to choose packs for you ??
1) Before choosing packs , you must know your full capacity of energy. Looks at top corner , you will see it. In My case , it's 100.

2) Now your remaining energy .In my case , there is still 30 energy left.
3) Note that if you are at full capacity , simply you shouldn't buy energy as it willn't increase anythings in it.
Let's say I have 100/100 and now if I buy even Earth pack, it will still be 100/100 not 105/100.

4)If you spent some energy , then check the difference between full capacity and avaialbe energy. In my case, it's 100-30 = 70.

5) Check , which pack is fits for you. The difference between them must be either equal or less is needed to have best choices.
Let's say I have 65 energy left, I bought Mars pack (50 energy), then my total energy will be 65+50 =115 which is greater than 100. So, after buying this pack, I will have 100/100 not 115/100.
6) If all your energy are empited , then choose packs near to your full capacity. 
Let's say you have full capacity of 20, then  if you decided to buy Mars pack, after buying you will have only 20/20 not 50/50.


1) Bulb energy are required to perform any action in Bulb platforms
2) Your full capacity of energy won't increase if you buy any packs. If you buy any packs with diffrence greater than fulll capacity and avaialbe energy , then you will have full/full energy only.

References : 
In discord chat :  Discord link of BULB
Bulb help : Help and FAQs


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Do you know when the bulb token is listing?
It's having a great feature of buying bulb points. So that we can earn maximum points out of it
Alex Rose
This is a fantastic article @Draxpart - completely correct! Thanks for sharing.
Let's hope for the best for all the bulb users thats it's mine bee bug or something like that. Hope it's gets solved soon
No doubt bulb is going to be of the best project. But the bulb is an innovative and gets implementing the site frequently. But in current days i only get 15 energy's. Earlier I used to get 30 energy. Why it is so I didn't understand yet?
YEAH I HAVE LOST 500 TOKENS because my capacity is full
Let's hope for the best
Great confusion solved About the inventory package Thanks buddy
south coast surfer
Appreciate your thorough article - I had just been wondering about the different packs. Cheers
Bro do you also get less energy nowadays.
Thanks for sharing this article, Worth reading.
The misconceptions should be clear
Thanks for sharing I was not aware of the capacity limits. After reading your article I am more Informed and it makes sense. Thank you for that. 🙏
Bro i only get 20 energy per day Do u know why it is so?
MBA ChitChat
You have all the energy details.