24 Sept 2022

As a die hard football fan, there is something I don't really enjoy about the game at all. It is the international break where team matches don't hold and all the players return to the respective countries. I sometimes feel depressed because my country in particular does not play well during international breaks. They are a pain in the ass and so I don't enjoy watching them play. My team is the biggest club in Manchester. Manchester United to be precise and although we are under a lot of criticism of late, I believe we are going to bounce back someday. I believe if there's any man that is going to take us back to our glory days it has to be Erik Ten Hag because his style is so different from the rest and he restored discipline in the dressing room. I love that about him. I miss club football so bad today I had to watch some videos on YouTube to simulate that feeling. If you read these to this point, comment your favorite team below

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I'm a Chelsea fan and I don't think I've ever told anyone here on bulb
Aside from liking your content because you are a fellow writer, I even love you more finding out that you are a Manchester United fan as well. I fan the same club as you and right now this feels like we are going back to our glory days
Interesting writing. I am a Manchester United fan. The good days are upon us again.
Interesting piece