31 May 2022

This is how BTC will trade in the next 17-20 days from now *JUNE* is bearish, although few alts will still pump and we will still trade it, but for BTC holders for long term, and spot holders for long term, wait for BTC to get to 26-25k level. BTC will go back for correction 2-3 of June to hit 30800/30900$ level and then bounce back to 32650$ (this will be the short entry to take it to the bottom) and this month will be the low of 2022, many alta will see close to zero if they have no good fundamentals. BTC will be slow but it will eventually get there to my point.
This is completely temperory bounce to stuck people on top.

Bitcoin started the week with a green candle. BTC now trying to break the resistance of the $30,500-$31,000 area. We may see some positive moves this week because there are already 9 red weekly candles. Let's see if BTC is able to break above the $31,000 resistance area. Rejection from this resistance will send back us to the $29,000 levels.

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