Will the golden state warriors go back to back

3 Jul 2022

With golden State Warriors winning the NBA 2022 finals people are wondering where this team will sit in the next season and I think that we have a high chance of winning the finals again making big Steph curry an even better player

So far there have not been any changes to the team done beside a few low level players, The franchise have drafted three new players to the squad

  •  Patrick Baldwin Jr
  • Ryan Rollins
  • Gui Santos

these three are a great choice and have a bright future for the team. Golden state warriors also have James wisemen coming back from injury who was a second pick in the 2020 draft if he comes back healthy and all the younger players get improve there skills our chances to win again are very high

The other NBA teams have not made much big changes and the teams are mostly likely not going to improve from last year and if that’s the case Golden state will win again

Who do you think will win the finals next year?

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every chance they will with the quality in the team
The warriors have a great chance. As a warriors fan I could be a bit biased though warriors back to back.